Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Day of School

Wyatt posing for his senior pictures.

Wyatt when he was a little fellow.  His Mama Williams had taken this picture.

My son, Ryan, with his son, Wyatt.  Mandy took this picture of Wyatt on his first day of school his senior year.  I think it looks like he has been giving his Dad a rough time.
Wyatt is our oldest grandchild.  It is very hard to come to grips that he is a senior in high school, driving, and growing up into a man.

I too went back for my first day of school today...I am a school nurse.   Things went well but the first day is a very intense day always.  Students and parents bringing in meds for me to give their student, going over all the health information that parents have filled out, checking to be sure everyone is up to date with their immunizations.  Putting all this health information into the computer and writing health plans for all the students that need special attention.   Needless to say, I came home and rested awhile before working here in the house cleaning, washing and drying clothes and hanging them up...debating if I should bring down some fall clothes or just wait...I opted to wait...the fall and winter clothes are hung up in the upstairs closet.

Danny had worked on another espinner for me today.  I got out the CMV/alpaca fiber that I got at the Michigan fiber Festival and started spinning on the new espinner.
This makes me 5 espinners.  My hubby enables my fiber addiction.

This is my big Bertha and I use it more than I ever thought that I would.
I use my louet wheel when I need to concentrate and relax when working with the fiber.
Last night I talked to Lisa in Nebraska and talked with Brandon.  I am looking forward to seeing them all soon.
I look at the pictures of Evan that I took while we were in Michigan and he makes me smile.  He had so many different expressions and chattered all the time.  He was on the go all the time.  He was Nana and Papa's little buddy.

I think Brandon will be just as active...and I know he loves to talk too.  Can't wait to see Lexi and Brandon.
Lexi is growing up so fast too.  She is a teenager now!

Some weather people are saying we have a chance for rain this week end.  I am asking for prayers please.  We need rain for the ponds...too late for crops but maybe it could help with grass.  We had hot wind and temps into the 90's today.  I am so hoping we have a wet fall.

Lord God, Thank you for the many blessings that You have given us. I praise You and Your word. Please forgive us of our sins.
  I pray for this country, I pray that you will give all the voters discernment and open minds to chose the best elected officials for the good of this country.  Please give us all wisdom and knowledge to make the right choices.  Please help people to see the truth and to recognize what is the truth and what is not the truth.  I pray that we can make decisions that are pleasing to you, Lord.  As I look at my grandchildren, I pray that they can live in a country that is free, that they will be safe from wars and proverty.  Lord, please let us live by your Word.  I pray that the people that are elected will put the good of this country first and that they are not after personal gain.
Lord, I also pray for rain for the drought areas.  Please help us to maintain our farms and feed our livestock.
I know you are a great God and that you promised to never leave me or forsake me.  I love you Lord and I ask for you to intervene in all things in my life that I will live the life that you want me to live.  I ask that You give us health and energy to do all the things that You have planned for us.

In Jesus Name I pray,


  1. Well that answers the question if you are still at the school. I hope you aren't so drained this year. School nurses don't exist around here anymore. Budgets I imagine. Parents have to come get their kids or don't bring them to school. All vaccinations are done at doctors offices and a record is kept at the Health Unit.If no vaccinates given the child is expelled from school.

  2. The local schools have kept their nurses for now. Budgets are tight. I don't give shots but have to fill out all the state reports, and immunizations are top priority.
    The first week is over and I woke this morning with a chest cold and sore throat. I did not see one student with a cold but I think I get weakened down with my is a learning curve for me...looks like I would learn.


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