Saturday, August 18, 2012

Michigan Fiber Festival 2012

I want to thank all the people that put so much time in to make the Michigan Fiber Festival a huge success.  
I promised you pictures to share my day with you so be prepared to see many pictures.
I promised you a picture of an elephant ear but I forgot and it was gone before I remembered to take a picture...sorry but Evan and I put that big puppy away pretty was so gooooood!

So many talented weavers showing and selling their finished goods...baskets, beautiful baskets everywhere.

Evan is laid back right now but he begins to smile and  flirt with all the wonderful  fiber ladies and a couple of grandpa looking fellows.  He had a big day.

Yarn, fiber, patterns, everywhere!  Colors everywhere.

Rug Hooking, felt...I have died and went to heaven!  

Many bags of fibers, looms, patterns, fleeces went by me by very happy fiber artist.

Evan did not know what to think of this alpaca ....and Nana and Mommy was busy admiring the beautiful felted hats and handwoven shawls.

I latched onto this silk shawl... beautiful!

Angie and Danny picking out a alpaca teddy soft and beautiful.

The 4 big buildings were filled with fibers of all kinds and many fiber addicts.  I was so over whelmed with all the wonderful choices.  I think this was like a gambling addict going to the boats...turn a fiber addict loose in these big building...bags and baskets filled to the breams....lots of happy fiber addicts intoxicated with the tactile touching of all kinds of fiber.

These venders were so helpful.  

Of course I was very interested in the fiber animals that were for sale.

I was picking out my future BFL Ram.  I fell in love with Simon's fleece and his breeding.   We will need to come back to Michigan to get him and maybe some ewes.

Many tents with venders were set up outside.

Do you see any unhappy people in these pictures?

Papa and Evan having a great time at the Fiber Festival

When you get tired...sit under the big shade trees and knit, spin, weave, listen to the music, or eat ...or discuss your purchases with a stranger and then going through their bags....

I didn't buy anything at Susan's, there was a very long line waiting to pay for their purchases...I will just go to here web site and place my order....probably faster....I have purchased many things from her booth at fiber shows over the years.  She is very knowledgeable and I always learn something new from her.

We went through the old historical village as we left...Evan and I posed in front of the old filling station.

the water fountain in the old school building.

Evan had a big day...and so did his mom and nana.   Now we are heading to Lake Michigan shores...that blog will have to be later.

I hope if you love fiber that you will be able to attend a fiber event near you.  


  1. Wow, I have got to go to this next year! Great pics Sarita!!


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