Saturday, August 18, 2012

Michigan Fiber Festival Here I Come

Danny, Angie, Evan, and I will be attending the Michigan Fiber Festival today.  I will have my camera in hand and hope I can share some good pictures with you.  I am so excited!  So excited that I have been up since 4 AM anticipating what I will see today. Evan and I are going to have fun today!

No rain yet for the Spinning C, it looked like we were going to get storms on Thursday but nothing...cooler temps in the mornings and during the days now, almost like we are in Sept. 

See you later today after the Fiber Festival!  I  will eat an elephant ear for you not really but I will take a picture of one before I eat it! 

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  1. I had no idea you posted this! Funny. Hey, wait a minute, how did you have time to post this with the little tornado running around you? :)


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