Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making Pens under the shade tree

Danny turning the wooden barrel of the pen on my lathe...he gave the pen lathe to me for Christmas several years ago.  I love to turn too.  I have made pens and knitting needles.  

There are many steps to turning the pens.  Turning, sanding, sanding, and sanding some more then waxing, polishing, and then putting the pieces together.  Then I spend time taking pictures and more pictures.
this pen is shaped like a bullet.  It has bolt  action.

  Danny turned the barrel out of Leopard Wood on this one.

Rifle is on the pen clip.  We have some hunters in our family that are going to be happy with their new pens.

Here are three pens Danny has made today.  The hardware comes in gun metal, silver, and gold.  He also got some more exotic woods to turn the barrels yesterday while we were in the city.

The ends are so neat, like the end of a bullet.

I am so impressed and part of my gift shopping is done for birthdays and Christmas.
We also got Ryan some pieces of exotic wood for his knife making for the handles.
I have one thing to say...these guys of mine never pick cheap hobbies but everything they make is well worth the cost.


  1. Those are fantastic! You guys should open an online store and sell some - along with your yarn of course. :-)

  2. Thanks Anke. I think Danny is thinking about trying to sell some pens...Yarn..uh, I am a yarn hoarder...building up to weave and knit when I retire. Hope I can knit as fast as you do. I am not a fast knitter unless it is very simple stitches.


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