Thursday, August 9, 2012

Country Mouse in the City

Yesterday morning the sky was gray and it was sprinkling.  I was sitting in my chair, reading my favorite blogs, and sipping on my was good here on the farm.
My hubby looks at me and says, "are you about ready to go?"  Where???...."Let's go to Kansas City to the Woodworking shop...I need some polish and sealer for my pens."  Being a good wife, I say, "I will go get ready and be ready to go shortly."  15 minutes and we are in the car and heading to KC.  
I love it when we just take me no time to worry about doing this or that before we go.  We stop here and there, have a cup of coffee or iced tea and just see the countryside as we go down the road.  Relaxed and just enjoying each  other...having a great day.  We drove part of the way in rain...blessed rain...over by Chillicothe it was pouring and I was just singing praises!  

We did keep our GPS, Shirley, in the car.  Danny named her Shirley...Surely she will get us there!  Shirley gets left at home now...we use our phones as GPS...saves us many lost miles.
Traffic was not bad yesterday in the city.  We went over into Kansas to the shop and then stopped at Ihop about 2 PM to have lunch/supper.  I did not want to go shopping today...WHAT is wrong with me?   We were back home by 6 PM.  
Here are some pictures of the city through the lens of my cell phone...Danny is driving and I am hanging on, trying to take pictures with the phone as he is darting in and out of traffic (it is hard to relinquish all the driving responsibilities)  I take my job as back seat (passenger seat) driver very seriously!  As you can tell by the pictures.  Danny really frowns at me when I lean across him to get a shot...Geesh!  

The city seems so hard and cold to me...pavement and concrete everywhere.

We love to go but after a couple of hours, it is time to get back to the farm and our pets.

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  1. I wouldn't do well in a city that large. Can't handle lots of people. Sometimes just being in the car is treat enough.


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