Thursday, August 9, 2012

Harvesting Cantaloupe and putting by for winter

I would like to share with you how I use surplus cantaloupe.  Every year Danny raises watermelons and cantaloupes and the crop ripens all at once.   Years ago when the kids were still home I started making cantalope sorbet.  It was always a treat to have a sweet frozen treat during the winter.  

I cut the cantaloupes and run the sweet orange meat  through the blender with  orange juice and  sugar as needed.  sometimes I add a lemon or just lemon juice in it too.  

I then pour the mixture into paper or plastic cups and set in the freezer to freeze over night  I put this batch in the freezer last night after we got back from the city.  It does not take much time, easy, a little messy but what isn't.

I then put them in freezer bags and put them in the large freezer.  Then in the winter we take the mixture out of the freezer,  remove the cups and put in the blender and have a sweet frozen treat.  We like smoothies to sip on and this always hits the spot.   This is our drink of choice when we have fevers and are sick.  It is icy cold, feels good on a sore throat. or when we are feverish.   We have also used our sweet crop of cantaloupe and get a good dose of vitamin C.  

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  1. So 'cool'! My melons haven't even flowered yet. I had them in too much shade. A good thing as they didn't die in the heat/drought. I uprooted them last weekend into a sunny spot, hopefully they do better there. This is a great idea.


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