Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home rain...Drought pictures

When we pulled in from Michigan, the first thing I did was go let the sheep out of the barn lot  so the sheep could  go out to pasture...a dry brown crunchy sad looking mess.   I guess, I was hoping we had gotten rain while I was such luck!  The sheep are pulling at the sparse blades of green grass.    Look at the beautiful sky...the clouds are beautiful.  I stood on my hill, surrounded by sheep and prayed again for rain...I reminded God that He promises me that he will never leave me or forsake me and He tells me...I will send rain in My time.  He reminds me that he is my Lord and He knows what I need when I need it.  He smiled on me and sent a few cool sprinkles that fell on my bare skin...and I praised Him and thanked Him for the safe trip home, for the land I stand on, for the sheep and cows and for being my Lord and Saviour.
 I will appreciate the rain, the green grass, the plentiful crops from now on.   

This ewe lamb is out of Ewe 42, a Bl/shetland cross and Liam, BFL ram.  Isn't she pretty.  After  just coming from the Michigan Fiber Festival, I have a greater appreciate of the wool on the sheep on the Spinning C.  

The grass is getting browner by the day...less of the green blades.  Cracks in the ground are getting larger.  The temps are in the low 80s and very glad the 100 degree stuff is behind us.

Nowhere but in these hills do the low hanging clouds seem to be so least  to my heart.   I love Michigan, so many things to see and do.  Green everywhere and cool temps but a Missouri girl loves her skies and fields (even when they are brown.)

Blue Birdie is brown and she almost blends in with the brown grass...isn't she pretty?  Her  mother is Birdie, a Oxford/BL cross ewe and her sire is Liam, BFL.  She is a keeper too.  She is going to be a big girl.

This is the cloud that let the sprinkles fall on me as I prayed.  I felt so close to God,  it was like He was telling me to be strong and be patience.....I will send you rain in My time.  Don't loose faith....

Another of Liam's off spring.

This yearling ewe is out of Birdie, Oxford/BL and sired by Liam.  She is square and  is such a great little ewe.

Liam was glad that I made it home.  He got a good petting and his back scratched.  I met some BFl breeders at the Michigan Fiber Festival and watched them show some of Liam's relatives.  Liam needs a good bath, he has been in a dirt lot while I was gone.  Don't worry, Liam, I am just bath today, I am too tired and need to get rested up for work tomorrow.
Sammy, a Cheviot Ram that I would like to sell.  I won't be able to buy him any ewes this  dry year.  His offspring  has been fast growers, hardy, and easy birthers....I will take $250 for him.  I paid more than that for him.  He is an easykeeper. He is just a year old.

The pond is even lower...We will need several inches of rain to fill it back up.  We would like to have it cleaned out and new fences put around it but I have been investing money in hay and feed so we can make it through the winter.  
Gerty, Oxford/BL Ewe and her lamb, Blue Bubbles.  Liam, BFL, is the sire...I love her wool.
I went from booth to booth looking and touching the fiber at the Michigan Fiber Festival and  I realized that I have  some beautiful wool right here on the Spinning C.
I did not purchase much fiber..I purchased.4oz of CMV/Alpaca, a couple of bars of homemade soap that smell so clean and good, a wooden hair pin/scarf pin, leather purse handles for a wool felted purse that I have made,  a baby sweater pattern, and two small purse frames for a coin purse.  I talked to fiber processors and plan to take Sharon in Iowa a few boxes of washed fleeces to card and get some pencil rovings made for weaving.  I also hope to get back to Michigan and pick up Simon, a new BFL lamb ram.  He has a heavier fleece than Liam's fleece.


  1. I am sorry you are not getting the rain you need.
    I know that we had a bout with the dry weather.
    Our pastures were spent. Thankfully we have green grass again.
    Hay prices are still high and our fruit trees didn't produce but the sheep are able to be on pasture and we are not feeding hay now, so it is a blessing.
    Praying you get rain.

    1. I saw Blue Birdie and thought,"wow she matches the grass" but then happen to mention it as well. Terrible you are missing the rain. I am sure there are a lot of teary eyes farmers your way. We see it on the news. I wish I could spare you and send you some of our greenery, green of any sort!


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