Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scanning Old Photographs-Grandmother

I start every morning with prayer and then follow with a few cups of hot coffee...I need a rooster like this one.

Yesterday I washed two fleeces but the temps got higher than predicted so I went back in the house to the AC.  Our thermometer had 101...I was expecting the temp to be in the low 90s.  Well, anyway, I went upstairs to pull some of my older photographs to scan and store on a stix.  I don't want to loose my photographs, I can sit and look at pictures for hours, especially of family.  I have always tried to take lots of pictures of my grandchildren to preserve the wonderful memories.
I also love to save and look at old pictures of my grandparents and family.  They were taken before the computer so I am scanning them too...this could take some time.
My Grandma Cooper has always been so special to me.  I stayed with her every chance I got as a child.  She taught me to love to cook, sew, handwork, and to do things for myself.  She always had a large garden, helped in the fields, had chickens and eggs, butchered their own meats and  stored them in the smoke house. I watched her render lard, make bread and biscuits...loved her biscuits.  She made me dresses. And she  helped me to set up a playhouse under the big tree near the back door.  I used the big rocks for tables and stoves, made mud pies, and leaves for salad.
Grandma did not have an easy life.  Her mother died when she was a very small girl on Christmas Day.  Her older sisters and step mothers helped her dad raise her.  I understand my great grandfather was kind of a mean man (according to my mother).  He was a judge and had money, a nice farm.  Grandmother had a playhouse nicer than some of the neighbors houses according to one of her neighbor girls that I met and talked to.  Grandmother married into a poor family, Grandpa was not very prosperous and Grandmother did have to push him some...Ok maybe quite a bit.  Grandpa's family were mostly teachers.  He had a couple of brothers that were not very workafied.  They would come to Grandpa for things and Grandpa would let his brother's family have what he had and he would let his own family do without.
Grandmother' maiden name was Wood.  She pretty much had servants in the home, older sisters, and lived a life of a Southern lady.
Here are some pictures that I have of her when she was a little girl and later as a young lady.

Her father and one grandma's step mothers.  Grandma did not like her step mothers.  

The family home where grandmother grew up.

My sweet little stubborn grandmother.  She lived to be 106 years old.

Augusta May Wood Cooper

I posted earlier about Grandma's aprons....

 God Bless each of you as you come in and go out.


  1. Lovely thought of your grannie. I never knew mone. They had long past by the time I came on the scene. I knew both my opa's but both were oversees and I saw one of them only once for three weeks. He was blind, so not much fun for a four year old. My grandkids are so fortunate. They have two sets grandparents and four sets of great grandparents. Hopefully they will learn something from them.

  2. You're so lucky to have those gorgeous pictures and wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing them!


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