Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kitchen Remodel Moving Along

I have been putting off doing anything to my small kitchen in this old farmhouse for many years.  I didn't really know why but I think I hate change, I hate mess, and I wanted to hang onto the past.  When we moved into this old family farmhouse of Danny's parents, we kept the old table and chairs, I wallpapered and cleaned and even kept the white kitchen curtains.   The loved ones that lived here before were gone but the memories of sitting at the table and having a good meal or a good discussion was still here.  When Ryan and Ang were little, Danny and I were here on weekends so Danny could help here on the farm.  We had lots of good memories in this old kitchen but as the old house shifts and the wall paper cracks, it is time to move on and remodel the old kitchen.

First I had to decide colors so I used my favorite clock that my son-in-law got for me and took colors from it.  Danny and I had decided to put up bead board and chair railing...not an easy task in an old house that does not have one straight corner in it.  We are also replacing the counter top with the black/brown/gray sample in the picture.  On one side of my kitchen I have a 12 foot counter....I am using this darker counter top hoping it will pop and give the browns a accent.

We took out sliding patio doors that let in lots of cold air in the winter and we put in a single door and a small window.  No trim work on door or window yet but painting is done in this area and we are starting to put up the molding.  

No molding yet, no paint yet.  The new door and the molding around it will be the  lightest color  to match the other trim in the kitchen.

We are downsizing the kitchen table.  Danny used the base from our larger round table with a warped top  and made a new oak top and made it rectangle so we can put it up against the wall and give us more space.  He has 3 more coats of varnish to put on the top and the legs.  We will use the chairs that match the legs since they are in good shape.  I may recover the cushions on the chairs with a new color...not sure yet and later when the room all comes together.

this little blue fruit jar doesn't have a thing to do with the remodel...but isn't it cute?  I love blue fruit jars!

You ask, " what does a cup of instant coffee and creamer have to do with the remodel?"  If you must  know, since starting this remodel, my coffee maker has not been used...I get to feeling better good after 3 strong cups of this concoction in the morning...from the microwave.
I first get up and take the house dogs out, let the sheep out to graze and then back to the house for a cup of strong instant while watching the weather and news and checking my emails...time for another cup.  Then I work on cleaning and laundry ...time for another cup...I am moving at a fairly good clip that then....paint, tape, paint, discuss, think about changing my mind...Oh I miss my sweet little kitchen that was so cozy...I plan to make this kitchen homey too,.but will it

Danny has put up the new crown modeling and I have the new chair rail taped off to do some touch up to the wall.ti
I will take some pictures when the project is completed...I have got to get back to painting.
God Bless each of you and have a great day.


  1. Looks lovely. The colours are so in, and yet so oldfashion in the right setting. can't wait to see it done.

    How is the heat and dryness there?

  2. Wow! doesn't look like the same place. I love the color choices. I'm so happy for you. BTW, I think the countertop will be a nice contrast to the lighter walls. So happy for you Mom! Love ya!

    Oh wait, I forgot the table! Love it! It'll look so much better. Great job Daddy!

  3. Thank you gals. I will put up pictures when my sweet little kitchen is finished....if that ever happens...I am so impatient.
    God Bless you both.


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