Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Being Thankful and Blessed on Wednesday

Dear God,
Thank you that you renew my strength when I grow weary.
Thank you for refreshing my heart when I come to you in praise.
Thank you for refreshing my soul when I come to you in Prayer.  
Thank you for refreshing my mind when I come to you in meditation.
Thank you for refreshing my body when i come to you in solitude.  And thank you for refreshing my perspective on life when I come to you with thankfulness.  Thank you that I can draw strength from you, the source of all strength. 
In Jesus Name
Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest."  Matthew 11:28

At 5:30 AM I am up and letting the sheep out to graze while the temps are cool.  I feed the dogs and give Sadie and Lady bones...they just wait for the treat.  They have barked at coyotes all night and I think they deserve the best for being such good guard dogs.

The lambs bounced and played and did a little head butting in the cool breezes this morning.  I grabbed my camera before walking down to the south pastures to check on the grass situation.  We still have some short green grass beneath the taller brown dried grasses.  It won't last long if the weather goes back to the triple digits and we have hot dry winds.

I have now opened both south pastures...rotate to prevent worms.  We could use a couple of days of slow soaking rains.
Pricillia is a beautiful BFL cross ewe lamb...she isn't a big pet and  plays bashful.

China's twin ram lamb, the lambs are growing so fast.

the grass still has a little bit of green in the sheep's pasture.

I saw a little bluebird come out of the bird house but he refused to let me take his picture....a few of the cows are standing around the edge of the pond, going in for a morning soak.  Next year there will be a good strong fence around this pond so the cows can not do anymore damage than they have already done.  

Lady is running and playing in the cool morning air.

The barn,  I am standing down any place on this farm is on a hill or down hill...they call this area  rolling green hills area.  We are about 20 miles from the Thousand Hills State Park.

Macy Sue is just waiting on me to get done messing around so we can get back to the house for breakfast.
Big Bales of hay, ready for winter or feed if things stay dry and hot.  We also have  about 250  small bales of hay in the barns and sheds and I am suppose to be getting another 100 bales.  It may be a long hard winter if we don't get some rain and see the grass green up.

We have a new grain bin and they delivered feed this week.   It saves money to buy by the tons instead  of by the sack.    It will also save me town trips.  

What a pretty BFL cross lamb.

Last year's ewe lamb, BFL/BL/Oxford cross...She is so big and will be bred this fall.

I love to stand out in the pastures in the calm and peace with the birds singing, the sheep baaing and the cattle mooing every now and then.  I feel so close to God and I stand in admiration of all the things He has made, great and small.
Cheviot ewe lamb flirting with the larger BFL cross ram lamb.  She appears to be acting like a little hussy. 

Blue Bubbles, BFL cross ewe lamb...she is a keeper for sure!

Isabel's baby is growing and bouncing all over the place.  Danny calls him  Hot Shot!

Old White Knight our Border Leicester Ram, still loves to chow down on his pellets and  Cathy, the previous owner of Knight was shocked that he was still up and going.  In fact, I am sure he is the sire of Hot Shot. He is such a sweet old boy.  

Danny's melons are getting larger and looking good...they get watered, hoed, and babied everyday.   I am so glad that Danny enjoys growing his melons cause I love to eat them.

Danny's melons are spreading out.

Poor little peach tree is loaded but the dry weather is taking its tole.

I found a couple of these plants so tomorrow morning I will bring out the hoe while it is cool and get rid of them.  The sheep get the sharp stickers in their wool and I then get the stickers in my I get rid of every one I see and then replant brome or clover in the bare spot.  After I chop them down, I sprinkle salt on what is left of the base of the plant.  Salt won't hurt the sheep.

We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure.  This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.  2 Corinthians 4:7


  1. It sounds like your farm is very prosperous. Thanks for posting the jelly recipe using hot peppers.

  2. Kristina, have you tried the recipe? You can add or subtract the jalapeno peppers according to your level of hot. My level is very little pepper added...luke warm.


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