Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Getting it done Tuesday

Up at dawn this morning...things to get done today
  1.  Let the sheep out and do the morning chores....done...the sheep stopped individually to say "Good Morning, can you scratch right here or here?"    Liam hogs the line and the scratching so many of the ewes and lambs just head on to the meadow to eat before the temperature gets too hot.
Sheep eating in the meadow early this morning.

  2.  Let Isabel and baby out into the yard to eat and camp out for the day....done.  The baby  is getting stronger and even bounces around and trys to butt his mother.

  3.  Paint the bottom portion of the kitchen walls...the part that is the darker brown below the new chair railing.  I also will paint the trim so it will be ready to put up today.   The bottom of the walls is really a medium brown and that above the chair railing is a medium vanilla and the trim is a very light vanilla and so is the ceiling.  I am so tired of things being in a mess that I can not stand to be in my sweet little kitchen or my dining room.  I took everything on the walls down and put in boxes or on the dining room table.  I plan to really simplify my kitchen.  We ordered the new counter top and it should be a couple of weeks.  Danny will put up the chair railing, crown molding and base molding and corners today when my paint drys.  He is also making a new smaller kitchen table.  Now that we have a new door and window, our room will have less room for the dining room table and chairs...I am ready for a new one anyway.  I will take a picture of the newly remodeled kitchen when it is complete.

Did you get needed rain over the week-end?  We got sprinkles...and the temp was back up in the low 90s yesterday.  We will continue to pray...God is good so I know when the time is right, we will get the rain.  We are hoping they will release the CRP land to hay or graze the cattle soon, it is already like straw and won't be worth much but it is something.  We did not sign our land back up in the CRP program.

Last Spring I spoke for 100 small square bales of hay from the FFA kids at the school and they have not baled it yet.  I went to see what the grass was looking like on the 5th and it is dry and I fear that the hay will not have much food value since the 100 degree temps and the winds have dried it out.

My Opinion

Please read if you are interested...if not God bless you and I respect you enough to say you have your right to your opinion too.

In a loving and non-offensive way  I would like to gently break the news to anyone that preaches politics to me that I get very sick and tired of everyone trying to push their political views on me...I don't care what you believe or what party you belong to...I think it is great that you want to help this country but maybe  I don't share your feelings and sometimes I have been down right offended  ...I am not illiterate, I am a working taxpayer, I vote just like you, we have running water, a tv, a radio or two, and a couple of computers, I listen to the politicians and I frankly am very sick of the lies and more lies that I hear from both parties...I want more, I want action, I want my grandchildren to love and respect this nation as much as I do, to live in the greatest country, in peace and freedom. I was taught to love it by a father that served in WWII.   

 I have my opinions and I have very strong feelings that a minister should preach about God and the Bible in the Church.  I do not think the pulpit should be used for politics.  I think God is in control of all things, so why do we need to hear about what the politicians are doing or not doing at Church? Most everyone is over whelmed with all the news on TV, radio, and the computer already.  I don't want someone else's beliefs shoveled down my throat.    I ask God to give you and me discernment, to vote for the person that is wise, uses good judgement, is not seeking stardom or financial gain and to give the existing elected officials wisdom and knowledge to make the United States a great nation.   After all isn't God all powerful?  All Knowing?    I know that man is just that, a man, a weak vessel that can say one thing and do another.  Have we not seen both party officials get elected on the platform of good ideas but get into office and fall.  I Love the Lord and I just want to know Him better, I want to hear His Word, I want to sing His praises.  I want to worship God...if I wanted to be subjected to more political propaganda, I can stay home and turn on the TV. 

I read what Warren Buffet had to say about solving the nation's problem and I think he has hit it on the nail head...I don't care what party you vote for, we need to stand together and quit the squabbling and fix the problems.  ONE NATION UNDER GOD....we need people that loves this country, not trying to become wealthy and thinking of themselves only.   This is my opinion and I pray that you will seek God first and then ask Him to give you wisdom and discernment to vote for the person that will help fix this country's problems.
Also give thanks daily for the wonderful country that we live in.  OK...I am off my soapbox...and I didn't give you my opinion in a waiting room where you were trapped to hear it...God Bless America and you too!


  1. Amen Mom! I couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. Please know that our preacher does not talk politics on Sunday's. I have been cornered in the hospital by people and they tell me that their preacher says this or that about this elected official or candidate. I just wonder where that minister's faith really lies that he feels that he must brainwash these poor people that can not think for themselves...this is scary.


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