Friday, July 6, 2012

Truly Blessed Thursday

I did not sleep well Wednesday night, you know, one of those up and down, pain here or there, every noise sends you  straight I was not waking at my regular time Until....Danny came busting in and said that Isabel was having her lamb.  I dressed like a fireman.  I got to the barn to find that the lamb was coming breach...we worked and worked and finally helped pull the little guy out.  Isabel fought the ram all the through breeding season and I guess in february she finally got bred.  The lamb is doing OK but this hot weather is really playing havoc with both mom and baby.
Mom is trying to get baby in the shade, they don't like being in the barn with the fan.

Mama is happy with her boy.  I think he is a BL, out of White Knight.
Danny went to hay with his brother and I had planned to clean on the kitchen cabinets but about 11 Am he came to the house and asked me if I wanted to go to Cantril Iowa to to the Dutchman's Store....I jumped right on that.  

The Dutchmans Store is full of about everything you could ever want from shoes to food to material to clocks, pots, pans, spices...kinda like a bulk store.  
I got a 50 lb bag of potatoes for $8 and some change.  We got 2 boxes of beautiful fresh Georgia peaches for $16.95 for a half bushel.  Canning tomatoes were $6 a big box and we have been giving $2 for 2 or 3 tomatoes.  I stocked up on spices, fresh vegetables, baking supplies and cheeses.  I also purchased a window fan that blows or exhaust.......needed it upstairs of a morning.  I love the fresh air while I work with my fiber.
This is one of the boxes of supplies ...corn starch, onions, peach tea mix, the chocolate cake cookies to make ice cream sandwiches, dried onions, macaroni and for my son-in-law, Wayne, his dried marshmellows., he loves those things.  I also purchased bulk yeast and spices.

canning tomatoes

50 lb potatoes that will be taken down to the cellar and the two boxes of peaches which I am going to process and freeze.

ummmmmm...the fresh peaches are delicous.  I will prepare them and freeze them.  I dunk them in hot water then icy cold water to take the skin off, slice them and stir in sugar and a package of the freezer jam pectin to keep them looking pretty.  Thty are then sacked and frozen.
If you ever get the chance, it is a real treat to stock the pantry shelves at the Dutchman's Store.
I was blessed with a new lamb, and Danny surprised me by asking me if I wanted to go to Cantril...and he actually enjoyed helping me shop.

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