Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dreaming of a cold snowy day

I am dreaming of a cold blue snowy day...Today is just the opposite ...104 degrees, sun blazing orange hot, brown grass and fields,, dry and crunchy beneath the feet.  Sweat dripping from the brow just walking a few feet to the mailbox.  Animals  worn out from this heat.   The nights remain warm so there is no reprieve.  I go out to the barn to move the fan, fill the sheep waterers, and just do checks to be sure the woolies are OK.    I then come in to the AC but part of me feels a guilt that I can not share this cool.   I think about the homeless or the poor that can not escape this terrible heat.  I stop and say a prayer.
A breeze blew steady all day, the sun scorched the vegetation.  Danny put up hay on the CRP that was released last week.  The hay is making about 1/2 what it did last year due to the dry winter and spring and the heat of the Spring.  This last hay will be almost like straw but hay is in such short supply that we fear we will need every blade of grass that we can get.   I had another restless night and arose early at daylight to let the sheep out so they could eat some grass before the heat got too bad.   Danny did not want me helping him feeling the way that I did so I remained at the house while he hayed.   I sat on the patio with a glass of water after picking up some of the mess from the remodel.  I could hear Danny on the tractor running in the distant field.  The locust were making their loud buzzing sound, the martins sat on the light line and chirped over head and the little humming birds fight over the sweet nectar in the feeder but yet there was an eerie silence as the hot breeze blew and the dry leaves fell to the ground.   the weather man says that we have at least 3 more days of 103- 104 degree days and possible showers on Wednesday night and Thursday.  I pray for rain many times  a day.  I know God hears me and I have faith that he will soon let the cool showers soak the dry earth.    Are we going to have an early fall, it feels so much like late summer.  I think about the beauty of a fresh fallen white snow, the  cold bites on the cheeks as the cold wind blows the new falling snow...I AM READY!    I can take the cold over the heat anyday, I can add another layer of clothes but I fear that I shall not take any more clothes off ...
Tomorrow we plan to work on the kitchen remodel...maybe we can get the new counter tops put on.
I have two aprons cut out and ready to sew but my sewing room is too hot , there is no ac upstairs...just the hot breezes that blow through from the open windows.

Angie and Wayne live on the family farm that had apple orchards.  This is a picture of the home place and Wayne's mothers ancesters..  This home burned but it is a dream house to me.    I love the large barns.  A person could have several sheep to help keep the orchard mowed down.  Can you imagine all the apple juice, apple butter, and the fresh apples to eat?  I love this picture.  I can't wait to go visit again.  Evan is starting to say words and he is walking and goes in a run.     These people in this picture are my grandson's ancestors.  How neat is that?
Wouldn't you have loved to tour this home in its day?

thank you for all your prayers, stay cool if you can, and if you are getting too much rain just ask God to send it our way.

Dear God, I pray and pray for rain and the weather to cool. Many friends and neighbors are suffering Lord.  I fear that the animals will run out of grass to eat.   I know your timing is different from mine.  Help me to be patient and trust that your timing will be perfect.  I can not see what is up ahead, and ultimately I want what you know is best for me.  I have heard it said that you are rarely early, but your're never late.  So help me to wait quietly for you to act and be confident that your way is best.  When I am able to wait without becoming restless or agitated, I am trusting fully in your timing.
In Jesus Name

I wait quietly before God, for my victory comes from him...Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.  Psalm 62:1 5


  1. I hope it cools off for you soon and you get the much needed rain. Yesterday we had a strange 72 degree day but we are back in the 80's again today. I am so glad the upper 90's finally abated at least for awhile! I spent the morning skirting and picking a fleece and getting ready to wash and dye wool in the next week or so. Still harvesting lavender and weaving wands! Prayers are with you all.

  2. Thank you for your prayers, Sheri. I would love to be able to smell your lavender wands. Sounds like you will be up to your elbows in fiber...have fun.


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