Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen remodel and touring New Boston

Kitchen Remodel Update:

We have now put up the bead board on the west wall of the kitchen and the dining area is almost done.  I painted the new door and around the new window...just need to touch up the trim on the south end of the Danny put on the new counter top on the west side of my little kitchen and I painted.  We are getting closer...thank heavens, this being turned upside down and things stacked is making me a mess.

Danny is taking off the old counter top...I am almost sad.  The new counter  top should be on by tonight...I will post pictures when the kitchen is completed.  I am not going to paint the cabinets...probably should but I just want to get some order back into my life and get everything put back where it belongs...maybe next summer!

He has the back splash off and now the counter top is coming off.  It is 106 outside and the hot wind is blowing.  I think this is day 57 of the 2012 drought.  Please continue to pray for rain for the drought area. 

I would like to show you around the little village of New Boston, Mo.  This is the US Post Office.  It is a small building.  

Jim Bob's is only open on special occasions.  Saturday night they served hot wings and it drew a crowd.  

This is the New Boston Christian Church, this is where we attend.
New Boston also has the fire house and a beauty shop and a few great citizens that live in  New Boston.
No gas station or grocery store...not even a yarn shop.
It is sad to see so many of our little towns just disappear.
Now you have been to New Boston, Mo....please come and see it for is a beautiful drive in the rolling hills and many curves...I am saying if you get car sick...take your meds before heading this way!

Dear God,
I watch the weather constantly, wanting rain so badly.  I have been worrying about the livestock in this heat...what will we feed them if this drought continues.  How will we water them?
Worry, Worry, Oh Lord.  I ask you to forgive me and to put my trust in You Lord.
I know you are aware of my anxious heart.  I admit that I worry about almost everything and I know that's a misuse of the imagination you gave me.  Dear Lord, I want to trust in you.  Please change my anxious heart into a heart of peace.  When I feel consumed with worry, remind me to turn my worries into prayers to you Lord.  Then help me to release my worries to you, knowing that there is no problem that you can not handle.  Then please give me peace knowing that you are in control and there is no problem that you can not take care of.  When I trust in You, I have no need to worry.  Thank you for that, Lord.
In Jesus Name,

The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.  Psalm 121:8


  1. We were blessed with rain last night. Hope you got some too!

  2. Hi Sarita! Looks like we're both getting bead board in our kitchens :). Mine is still in the smokehouse, I have to wait for it to cool down some. I got the upper half of the walls painted at least. Guess its the summer for kitchen redos!

    Did you get some rain finally? Kinda skimmed past me, got a few drops but that was about it. Looked like it might hit you though, hope it did! I'm so done with this awful summer!

  3. Thank-you for showing us your area. Always nice to travel somewhere else. We had a heavy thunderstorm last night and poured on and off today. I was so happy. I hope you get some soon too.

  4. Jennifer, we got .8 inch of rain last night. I pray that you get some rain soon too. This is a very strange summer and I pray we have a wet and cool fall.
    Marlyn, I am glad that you are getting some rain. New Boston is over 20 miles to larger towns and I think about 18 miles to Bucklin that has a small grocery store and gas station.


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