Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Angie's latest hat that I made
Good Morning, at 6 am, it was very hot.  I did my chores and walked to the South Pasture.  About all of the green grass has turned brown.  Mary Carol, a good friend, emailed me and many others the other day to start a prayer chain for rain.  I would like to enlarge the prayer circle and ask all my blog friends and farm girls to pray fervently for rain to slowly soak the ground where it is needed   (I am even praying for wet snow this winter.)

I thought that while I am having my morning coffee...no, not fresh perked...just a cup of hot water with instant Folgers and Amaretta creamer that I would share how the latest hat is coming along.

You all know that I love to knit and felt hats.  I have  9 hats in hat boxes for myself and I have made my girls a few hats,,,now if they wear them...that's another story.  I know Ang has worn hers because she tells me that ladies come up to her in stores and tells her that her hat is pretty.  I have worn the one in the picture above a few times and worn the matching shawl with it...mainly to church.
I showed you my latest hat that I knitted hanging over a paper towel roll, it was very large before I started the felting process.
Here is what I have so far...not trimmed or delinted yet.  It is very heavy and will be very warm this winter.  

Now I need to decide how I will finish it.  I really like Carrie's hats that she makes but I will not copy her beautiful hats...I doubt if I could even if I tried and besides, it would not be my design and no longer my hat.   I love her work.  If you get a chance please go to her blog...and I am often getting emails asking if I would make someone a hat but my time is so limited while I am working and the farm work keeps me busy.  Knitting and felting and decorating a hat can take a week of every spare minute for me.   Carrie sells her hats and has a wide variety to chose from...I have started recommending Carrie's hats to those asking me for a hat.
Go see her many hats at    http://ccmhats.com/

 this is just a sample of her work...love them.
 Hats made by   http://ccmhats.com/

I found some wool yarn in my stash...no not home spun...that I will knit into another hat ...just for the kicks and grins.

I just love this book and dvd.  I listen to it while I am carding wool and cooking.
Stay cool today...predictions of 100 degrees here.
God bless be with you in your comings and goings today.
I love this hat, I have no idea who made it but I just love it.


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the patterns for all your beautiful hats? Do you have a book or did you find the patterns online? I've never knitted and felted a hat before, but would really like to give it a try.

  2. Anke, the hats knit up fast and are easy to make. I have purchased patterns here and there but I will get them out and give you my resources. I will try to get them out tonight. Please email me at rocnbarc@gmail.com and I will send you the pattern resources.

  3. Carrie has a kit that she sells with yarn and pattern.
    Also take a look at these patterns. I have used the 20s hat...in fact the hat of Angie's pictured at the top of this blog I used this pattern. They also have others on their web site http://glenfiddichwool.com/store/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=6


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