Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy Monday...hot and dry and very busy.

Kitchen remodel update!  

The new table top...up cycled the old kitchen dining set.  We have not did anything with the table legs and chairs yet...still trying to decide if I just want to sand, stain and varnish or paint the chairs and table legs.  I just had to see how the table would look  in the kitchen...the kitchen is so far from being done that it is even hard for me to see.  

For Sale...$250  Cheviot Ram...sweet nature, produces off spring that hit the ground running and quick weight gain.  Handsome guy.

email: rocnbarc@gmail.com

This is Sammy, the Cheviot lamb that I purchased last fall...he is a nice gentle ram and he produced some lovely lambs this Spring but I have decided that I will sell Sammy and buy me another Border Leicester ram if I can find one with great wool...I need new blood lines, White Knight is getting old...I hope to get a few more of his lambs this next year if WK can make it.

Busy, Busy Day, but isn't most mondays?  I let the sheep out to eat, let Isabel and little Hotty Shot out, Isabel acted like her old self.  She just is not giving out enough milk yet.  So I gave the babe a bottle and off they went...to the pasture.
Danny bladed out the west lot.  I sorted out 10 more fleeces to wash.
Danny's brother came and wanted Danny to help get the neighbor's tractor up to the hay field.
We got the call that the FFA students were baling their hay and we could come and get 100 bales.
We also went to Brookfield to get our new phones on the 3G network...that is a mess...don't want to even talk about that right now.

100 more bales to put in the barn or west shed.  I hope we can have enough hay to make it through the winter but if the hot and dry continues, we will not even come close if we have to start feeding hay in the near future.  We will just have to believe that God will shower these dry areas with a good soaking rain soon.

Danny is watering his melon plants with the pond water from across the road.
cantaloupes are growing...I can eat cantaloupe for all three meals a day...so happy they are looking good at this point.
Pond across the road, we water our sheep and Danny's melon out of it and before long, probably  all the cattle.

The watermelon are way behind the cantaloupe...don't ask me why.  We have always had the best sweet melons when the weather is hot...they should be pure sugar this year.

The critters are robbing the peaches before they are good and ripe.    

I got out 10 fleeces to wash.  They are from last year.  I want to have my tack room all  cleaned out before next shearing.  I have 3 nice black fleeces, they are very soft.  I did not have time to bag any today and probably won't get any done tomorrow.  We have to take our new cell phones that don't work back to Brookfield after the New  Boston's women's group meets tomorrow morning, then I go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  ANOTHER busy day.

About dark, I went out to get the sheep in...Isabel and baby HS was waiting on me.  The baby came running so I made him a bottle and he filled his little tummy.  Isabel is not sure if she likes me feeding her baby.  I assured her that I want her to take over very soon.

Our late April, early May lambs are really gaining fast.

Buddy loves people so he is always looking for human attention.

Lambs are growing fast!  The grass is getting browner by the day.

I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate, who will never leave you.  He is the Holy Spirit, who leads into all truth.  The world cannot receive him, because it isn't looking for Him and doesn't recognize him.  But you know him, because He lives with you now and later will be in you.  John 14:16-17

God Bless each of you and walk with you every step of the way.


  1. Same situation here, with a lot of humidity. The air is stinking hot this morning.Your grass is very brown! Ours is just starting to turn like that. Your sheep look in good health though and glad to hear you sick ewe is up and jumping again. It is so bothersome when they are not well, like your own child. Lovely pictures, and much hope for rain. Bless you Marlyn

  2. Thanks Marlyn. I wish we could get 2 cuttings of hay like yours...I would not be concerned if we had the hay supply.


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