Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things to do when you start summer vacation

A meeting on Monday morning at school, a doctor's visit in Columbia at 3:15 Monday afternoon, and then Danny and I drove back to the school to watch the Linn Co. Baseball team play baseball.  (So sorry that they lost.)   Then we get home to get the sheep in before dark.    Tuesday was a very full day too.  I washed 4 fleeces and had the clothes line full of little nylon bags filled with wool.  In between each load I cleaned house, then the wool room at the barn, picked strawberries, made a cake, ended up taking a shower at 10 PM and went to bed hurting...Danny let me sleep in on Wednesday....our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.  We both just took it easy,  and enjoyed ourselves.

Pick cherries....a total of 2 they tasted great!

Pick strawberries and make a cake for strawberry cake

Sit on the front porch and watch the birds

Danny got Old Johnnie out and got the old JD mower working.  

Danny enjoys playing with old Johnnie.

I washed 4 fleeces on Tuesday.  I moved the stainless steel sink out by the new camp stove that I am using to heat water to wash the wool.

New camp stove that we got at Tractor Supply.

Danny parks old Johnnie on the hill so he can start it by letting it roll down the hill.  

I purchased two tubs at TS and filled them with my compost and plants.  I am going to put them on the patio .  I also planted the large planters by the front door.

I now need to card and spin some of this wool for weaving, rug hooking, and knitting.  I have been trying to rug hook, it is fun and addicting but I have a long ways to go.


  1. You are way ahead of me - my strawberries are just starting to bloom. I still don't have anything planted but lettuce seeds. My tomatoes, cukes, zuch squash, & peppers are still growing under the lights - they are super slow for some reason. I hope they will catch up and I will have enough to can. Too cool and rainy to start picking wool yet. Enjoy your rug hooking.

    1. Sheri, I thought you would be way ahead of us by the look of the weather map. We are really needing rain. Thought we had a chance last night and the clouds just seem to split over us and we got sprinkles.
      I bet you are biting at the bit to get that garden in.
      Lots of our strawberry plants died. I have no idea why, we had a very mild winter, mulched and all.

  2. I won't have strawberries for at close to a month. I like the pictures of Danny on his JD! he looks very farmerish. Can't wait to see your fleeces, as always. Happy anniversary. Can't believe you have holidays already. We don't here for another month.

    1. You have had a much longer and colder winter than we have. Everything is so ahead of itself this year...almost weird. But the strawberries are usually ready about the time school is out every year. We have farmers around us haying and I have never seen them hay this early.
      I was very ready for summer vacation this year.


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