Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My New Rug Hooking Frame Arrived

I have wanted to try my hand at rug hooking for many years...who can raise sheep, shear them, wash the wool, spin the wool, knit, dye,  felt, and weave the wool and not want  to hook the hand spun yarn?  Well, a few weeks ago I told Danny that I was going to order a new rug hooking frame and he said can be your Mother's Day present...I had my eye on an octagonal lap frame that also came with a floor frame.  I put in my order and it arrived!
Now I need to put it together.

I am so excited to give rug hooking a try.  Today was the last full day of school for this spring...1/2 day tomorrow and we are out.  I have so much to get done this summer.  I want to weave, spin, garden and can produce to restock our vegetable supply.  Not to mention wash fleeces, build more pens and fences for the livestock.  Danny and I will also be haying.  When will I get in time to learn rug hooking?....oh, I will.

Danny and I planted some garden tonight.  We have used all the radishes and the lettuce is about gone.  Danny disc up the garden spot and ran the tiller over parts of it.  We put down landscaping fiber down where we put in the tomato plants.  We will put the cages around the tomato plants when the plants are larger.  We put in Brandy Wine tomatoes, Super Beefsteaks, old fashion Amish Paste and some yellow pear tomatoes tonight.
We also planted 3 rows of Tender Treat Sweet corn and 4 green pepper plants.   Tomorrow afternoon when I get home, I will plant some Top Crop Green Beans and some beets.    Danny is going to grow a few melons in the garden this year instead of planting a large  truck patch of melons.  We don't want the garden to devour all our time this summer.

The fruit trees are  loaded with pears, apples, peaches this year.  My sweet cherry trees have just 2 red cherries on them.  No apricots this year.  I planted 3 apricot trees because I love apricots.  Last year one of my BIL's calves got out and broke one of my apricot trees  but it came back.  Well, last Sunday when his bulls got out, one of the bulls broke the same tree over again.  But there is  No coming back this year....I will be looking for a tree to take its place but now it will be 2 years behind the others.
I will be posting more this summer as I prepare our fiber and start my journey of learning rug hooking.
I was going to buy more sheep but I think I will see if I can go this summer without getting sick and see what next fall brings.
It is almost 10 PM, better get to bed so that I can roll out on time for the last day of school....Whopeeeeeeee!  


  1. You do treat yourself well. Nice present and I can't wait to see the end results. Oh those cows! We had a beautiful maple tree coming up. It was planted at the birth of the fifth child and every year the cows nibbled it down. WE don't pasture them up front anymore ( after they ate my whole raspberry patch and it never grew back)and the tree is about 14 ft high now with three main trunks rather then one because of the chew backs.

  2. I have not had much chance to work on the rug hooking yet but school is out today so I plan to clean and work in the garden and then I plan to enjoy my wool this summer.
    I sure wish that my little apricot tree makes it. I love apricot pie, jam, and sweet rolls with apricot filling. I also love to eat the fruit from the tree.


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