Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Calm Day on the Spinning C

Danny is watering his melon plants since we have been having this dry weather.

Mini and her twins, Buster and Meme.  They are true miricles.  Mini prolapsed about a week before the lambs were due so the vet sewed her up and we watched her close and then the vet had to help us pull her lambs.  We thought she had a dead single but when the vet finally got Meme out we saw that she was alive and I went to working with Meme while the vet found another lamb and he pulled Buster.  I rode in the trailer on the way home with the exhausted Mini and babies.

This is Blue Bubbles, Gerty and Liams big girl.  She is a beautiful BFL cross BL and Oxford ewe lamb.

Sheep grazing the newly mowed and baled hay pasture hills.

Blue Bird, daughter of Birdie and Liam, she was a brown baby when she was born.

Sadie and little Macy sheep guard dogs

Huey and Lewy are full and resting, just taking everything in and chewing their cud/

Haying is done, now time to fence....after the kitchen and bathroom remodel are done.

The yellow rose bush bloomed earllier and is starting to bloom again...What a beautiful fragrance.

I have 4 of these tubs...2 with herbs and 2 decorative.

The minature rose bush that we transplanted a few years ago is no longer minature and puts off the biggest bunches of red roses.

Old Gray, the barn cat comes to the yard to remind me that it is chore time.

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