Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trip to Arrow Rock Missouri

We had to go see what Arrow Rock was all about and check out the camping facilities.  We had talked about going all last summer and never made it.  I read my email one Saturday morning and had a message from the Friends of Arrow Rock.  They were having fiber activities that day.   Danny and I headed out, drove about 1 1/2 hours going the long way through the country.
Each fiber activity was in different buildings.  One lady was sewing penny rugs in a beautiful old house with appropriate   age furnishings.  She had some lovely penny rugs and demonstrated how she did her craft, dressed in attire of the times.
I am sorry that I didn't get pictures of the fellow sitting on the front porch of one house spinning shetland wool.  In that house were rug hookers, lace makers, rug braider and in another house was a weaver.  The fiber tour was very interesting.
The camp grounds were very nice too.  But before I drove miles and miles, I would be sure that they had a vacancy.  Check Arrow Rock out on the Internet.

We went into some of the stores downtown.

The sidewalks were brick  and wood.  The brick building is the tavern.  It was closed the day we were there.

I enjoyed myself so much in this store.  See the hooked rugs?  Replicas mixed in with real antiques.  

 I am not sure what this building was, we did not go in this one.  It might have been a private home.  There are several private homes.  Some had real estate sale signs in the front.

More items in the store.

We went to the visitors center and toured the museum.  I loved this old bed with the beautiful hand quilted cover.   But it was so narrow.

Of course all the fiber items were interesting to me.

More items for sale in the store.  The manager was such a nice guy.  If you get a chance  to go to Arrow  Rock, it was definitely a step back in time.  It was quite and not crowded the day we  were there but in October they tell me that they have a very busy crafts fair week end.  Camping spots are spoken for a year ahead of time for that week end.
I spent time visiting with the ladies doing the rug hooking and they were all a joy to talk to.


  1. How lovely. Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

  2. It was a very quite and relaxing trip. It was also very educational talking with all the fiber artist.


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