Monday, March 12, 2012

Enjoying the Sunshine

We got rain last night and we do have some mud.  It was cloudy most of the day and then late afternoon, the SUN CAME OUT!
I came home from work and hurried back out the door to enjoy the sunshine and the animals.  First I checked the cows, no new calf but it will be soon.  Then out to see the wind damage before going on to see the sheep.

Jared our neighbor, pulled into the driveway.  He is moving hay for his cattle with his horses.  Aren't the boys pretty?

You know I have been looking for a registered BFL Ewe or two that would go along with Liam.  I have sent out many emails and phone calls in my search for Liam's girls.

Liam, BFL Ram

His papers have many top BFL breeders.  Now finding the perfect girls for him.  I love to research the bloodlines and characteristics of the different bloodlines and trying to come up with  a breeding program that keeps improving my flock.

I have to keep the numbers down on the flock so that I don't stay worn out all of the time.  This is not going to be easy!

I have to get back to working on the income taxes...don't judge me, please....I hate this task, always afraid that I will forget something and I hate to sit at a desk working on paperwork when that is all I do all the time.


  1. Love your photos. I think we all dislike doing our taxes.

  2. Beautiful horses! No one likes doing taxes! Glad to hear you got some sunshine. I hope you find those perfect ewes soon. Good morning Beautiful - have a wonderful day!!


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