Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Sun is Shining and Spring is here in March

Lady wants to cool off in the March heat.  70 degrees in March...green grass, Spring frogs.

Sadie stays close to the flock but she is not running and playing.  Both dogs have very thick coats and love the cold weather.  

Teddy ask for me to move up the date for the shearer to come and help him get out of his heavy wool coat.

How is this for a coat,  this mule ewe lamb is too busy picking at the short green grass in the pen to notice the heat.

This is one of my favorite sheep pictures of all the flock.  This is Smokin's baby  picture.  He went on to be a ram in someone  else's flock.

Lilly and Smokin's baby pictures.  I loved both of these babies and spent alots of time with both of them.  They were twins and both loved human's from day one.  These 2 little shetlands were bouncing around in the first hour after being born.  They were small and could get in the other ewe's pens and pick on their new babies...they kept the barn going the Spring they were born.   They also were run stiff legged from one end of the barn to the other and seemed to sense when I would be coming in the barn...they would come hopping at me and helped me feed and water all the other pens.  Most of the time, causing trouble with the other new moms and they never minded their own mother, they kept her a nervous wreck!


  1. I want your sunshine & temps - it rained, snowed, thundered, and the wind howled all day here today. Right now it's snowing again. Phooey! Love the pics of your fur babies. Still pretty chilly to contemplate shearing here yet but it wont be long. Hope you are feeling better again!

    1. I thought it looked bad for you this morning when I watched the weather. They were talking almost blizzard conditions for some areas out your way. Hope you will be playing with your plants soon.
      I am starting to feel better. Thanks. I get depressed when I get sick and it seems like I am having more bad days and less good days.

  2. Lady and Sadie remind me of my sweet Charman. She is 12 and retired and is a couch potato now!:-D (I posted her recently
    Mar 3rd)
    My Shetland Fraser is the same age he was a little spit fire when he was a tike too!!
    I loved the pictures of the Horses, lovely
    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie


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