Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Night in the Fiber Studio

 It was rainy outside tonight so I scurried to get the sheep and cows fed and put up for the night.  Sadie and Ladie were fed...Old Norm shut in with plenty of water and feed...hot potato soup for supper and my sweet hubby brought in the new electric spinner that he had built for the Kromski flyer,  not quite finished, the hard maple wood is not stained or finished yet but she worked like a charm.  This makes the 4th electric spinner he has made me.  I am turning out the yarn like crazy!  I spent the night upstairs carding wool to be ready to spin more yarn.  I also put on the dye pot to dye some homespun yarn black to be ready to knit another hat and felt it.  I have an antique hat wooden hat mold coming any day.

Wool and silk blend that I carded tonight
My Sissy never lets me out of her site.  She sits in the little Princess chair and supervises.

New basket that Ang got for my birthday...I love it.  I can carry my knitting with me everywhere.

New espinner Danny made for me...number 4.  He is perfecting  his idea and I am the happy recipient

I use my combs to comb through the tips of Birdie's wool before taking it to the carder.

My box of jewelry making supplies.  I also use beads in my knitting.

I would like to share the message for today out of my little book that I read  out of each day.

Carding the silver dyed wool...so long and fine.

Some of my latest hand spun yarn, spun on the new espinners

This is one of my homemade knitting needle tubes made from PVC pipe and caps.  Works like a charm to protect  my knitting needles while I am carrying them everywhere with me.

wool I carded tonight.

I am so blessed to have a flock of sheep that produces my fiber, a wonderful Husband that supports my hobby and uses his talent to build me espinners, tables, etc.
I pray that you too have a place to unleash your God given talents.
God bless and please come back soon.


  1. Beautiful wool, Sarita! You always do such nice work. Your spinner looks great. It won't be long and he will be selling them like crazy! What a lovely evening - thanks for sharing it.

  2. Wow! Dad is cranking out some beauties and you're cranking out some beautiful yarn. I'm so happy you're both doing something you can enjoy together. We are truly blessed!

  3. I loved spending time in your wonderful studio! I love the wool silk blend, and your knitting needle cace is great! i looks like it is made of bamboo!
    Blessings and Hugs,Linnie


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