Sunday, February 12, 2012

Things that make me happy

I took a break from spinning today and went back through pictures  I  have stored on my computer.   I caught myself  smiling and relaxing.  What makes you happy?  I hope some of my pictures gives you pleasure.

This reminds me of the many miles that I am knitting as Danny and I travel.

My studio, where I play and keep my fiber toys, knitting needle collection, knitting caddies, old and new.

My pets and friends
Gentle Liam, BFL Ram, that gives me BFL lambs that gives me the wonderful fiber that I enjoy so much.

Einstein (above) AND sweet Miss Macy Sue (below)

 Einstein is a play boy, he is always squeaking a toy.  Both of these two little friends are with us most of the time.  They are ready to travel at anytime.

I love Spring and baby lambs
 some of the lambs from last Spring.  I love to go out to the pasture and watch the babies play.

 I enjoy watching Lady and Sadie taking care of their lambs, big gentle giants.

 Jumping with joy, playing in the sun and green pastures.

 Hot coffee and coconut cake...I will need to get my order in for the coconut cake for my birthday.

I smile about all the times that Lexi and I spent together, sharing our love for the sheep and the farm.

 I am thankful for the times that Danny and I have spent sitting together having our hot tea or coffee 
 The collections that I have stored in the beautiful old blue fruit jars.

 Handspun yarns from the fleeces of the Spinning C Flock.
 The fun I have making hats, purses, mittens from the yarn from this farm's fiber.
 Dyeing, spinning, and winding the homespun yarn into balls

 This picture of Lexi and Wyatt that hangs in my dining room makes me smile remembering the good times that I have had with my two oldest grandchildren.  I hope they don't remember me as the Nana that always had a camera in their faces. 
My two youngest grandsons are also a great joy in my life.
 Knitting gives me hours of pleasure too.
I think it is good for all of us to stop and count our blessings and just dwell on the good things.  I praise God for so many wonderful blessings.  God Bless you, dear friends and family.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of happiness. Real blessings. I love your felted hat. You are also blessed to be talented! Wore your mitts tonight and thought of you. You are a blessing to me. Hope you are all fine on your farm.


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