Sunday, February 12, 2012

First load of hand built pottery is out of the kiln

I used the homemade clay extruder to make the coils to build this yarn pot and then I  hand molded the leaves and berries to decorate my pot.  I put a hole in the other side to pull my yarn through.
This is the first hand built item that I made and fired in the used kiln.  (I was not expecting miracles but it will be functional.)

this small cup is the first thing that I turned on the wheel and will probably be one of the last things.  I don't enjoy  hand turning.  I prefer to hand build but I have to tell you...I still would love to have my fingers in wool over clay....I just love pottery pieces and wanted to give it a shot.  I will continue to practice when I am not working with my fiber.

Hand built, very crude, and believe it or not...I was shooting for crude.  I have a very old farmhouse (over 140 years old) and  it screams country,  I plan to put a bouquet of flowers in this over a foot tall pitcher and sit it in my kitchen on the kitchen table.

I also had some bowls and a teapot that came out but none of them tripped my trigger!


  1. I think your projects turned out wonderful! I really like the yarn pot you made, so pretty and useful.

  2. I love them - I hope your enjoying the fun and the clay in your finger.

  3. These are truly beautiful.I can see a real use for everything you made. Such talent! How have you been? Under snow there?

  4. Thanks Ladies. Playing in clay is relaxing and fun but I still prefer fiber.
    We are suppose to get snow tonight and tomorrow...not much. The temp did really drop but it is about freezing now.


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