Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fighting a cold, staying in and playing in my studio

I  am a school nurse so I am exposed to many germs daily.  I take a big dose of Vitamin E and D during the cold and flu season....but...I came down with a bad cold a few days ago.   I have been taking cold meds, staying home, getting lots of rest, trying to sleep but this terrible old cold hangs on.  I have found comfort in playing in the wool upstairs in my studio.  I am still carding and spinning Mini's wool.  I am blending alpaca in with Mini's wool  to make a butter soft fiber to spin.

But I can dream or wish:
Wish I could be in Nebraska playing outside with Lexi, my one and only granddaughter.  She is so beautiful inside and outside.  She is going to be having another birthday in just a couple of months.  
Or I could be in Michigan with this playboy.

But I have this cold so I will card wool.

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Danny took a large mother-of-all from some spinning wheel parts and has made me an electric spinner.  I am spinning some of John's wool blended with other courser wool to make yarn to weave into a rug.  (I use every fiber of my sheep's wool).  I will get you some pictures soon.


  1. Wish you were here Mom. Continue to get some rest and get better. Love ya!

  2. your carding looks warm and cozy for those cold winter days. Can't wait to see what colours you come up with.


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