Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Color, Color, Fiber and Spinning

I have boxes of fiber washed and ready to prepare to spin and dye in the studio closet, stacked in the spare bedroom, and in my studio.  I had planned on taking a load to a fiber mill to be processed but....Danny suggested I buy a new electric large drum carder instead and process, sell, and spin the fiber myself.

I had mentioned that I would like to have an electric spinner because my legs and hip have been bothering me when I spin.  My dear sweet husband began shopping for one but as he researched, he began ordering parts and getting into my big box of spare and antique spinning wheel parts and the next thing I know he is building me an electric spinner and I now have 3 very nice espinners.

One of the new espinner from my spare parts that Danny built for me.

I love to dye!  I love color!  

Eye Candy!  Soft and easy handle.  Lots of crimp!

These 2 fleeces have a natural luster, long staples of fine wool with all kinds of crimp and movement.

Dyeing wool and  getting ready for that new large electric drum carder.  If any anyone knows of one for sale, please email me at rocnbarc@cvalley.net.  I have all kinds of fiber that needs processed.  Danny and I are doing our research to purchase the right machine to process our fiber.

I am also going to be selling my Patrick Green drum carder.  It is in very good shape.  Interested?

I will  also be selling some of my washed fleeces that I have left from the 2011 shearing.  Contact me if you are interested in Border Leicester  cross fleeces.


  1. Beautiful colors Sarita! I am loving the dye pot too. How exciting to be branching out with a new carder and electric wheels. My Dad was handy like that too being able to build things with spare parts. How lucky you are.

  2. Oooooooooh!!
    What BEAUTIFUL colors and textures!! The lustery green is my favorite!!
    And a VERY COOL electric spinner invention!!
    Hope your new electric dumcarder serves you well ;-D
    Many Hugs and Blessings, Linnie


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