Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Enjoying the Day after Christmas with the Spinning C flock

 Written December 26, 2011.  I felt the need to walk off a few of the calories consumed yesterday.  The temp is in the low 40s and it is a bit cloudy with chances of rain...perfect walking weather.  I turned the rams out so the whole flock could run together today.  Did I tell you all that I now have 19 sheep?  I miss my girls but I know they have a very good home and will be very happy.  Just 3 months ago I had over a hundred sheep running these pastures and today just 19.  The flock appears calm and happy and I have less to do now.  I can concentrate on the fiber they produce.  In fact, I plan to spin and watch football this evening and start a new pair of socks tomorrow and I also plan to play upstairs in my studio.

The Spinning C flock came to meet me and of course Mini is in the lead.  I love to visit with them and put my fingers in their wool and dream about future fiber projects.  Lady and Sadie are happy to see me too.

White Knight is getting older, I hope I get another year of lambs from him.  I would really like to find a couple of pruebred Border Leicester ewes to breed him to next year so that I can have his beautiful fiber around for years to come.

Look at Teddy's coat...he is such a beautiful fiber pet.  Sammy looks so small beside of Teddy.  I have never spun Cheviot wool but I hear it is good to mix in with other wool...I will be able to tell you after shearing time this coming Spring.  I enjoy Sammy, he circles me and has so many cute ways.  His face is so cute!  I am also looking for a couple of registered Cheviot ewes to mate with Sammy next year.  If you know of someone please have them contact me.

Look at this girl, she is a BL/Shetland mule.  She is a special pet and fiber supply.

Gerty is always in my pictures.  This ewe is very special, she is a sweet pet and she also has the most beautiful wool.  It has luster, a silky handle, and just elegant spun up.  She has a twin sister, Birdie that has a darker shade of wool.  They are out of Bonnie, a Oxford Ewe and White Knight.  I would not mind having a whole flock of these ewes.  

Don't let them fool you...they have hay at the barn but seem to be very content  nipping at the short stuff .

 Macy Sue thinks she has to go with me to take care of the sheep...she is so funny running around with the big white girls.

 The three moorit shetland ewes that I kept.  Isabel, Tizzy and Cinnamon.  Tizzy and Cinnamon  are up in years and Isabel is my very favorite ewe.

 Sadie and Lady taking care of their flock.  Since they don't have as many ewes, I see them being more protective of their flock.
If anyone with BL, BFL, or Cheviot ewes would contact me if you have any to sell, I am just wanting to buy a couple of really nice ewes in each of the breeds.

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