Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

My oldest son, Ryan, is a very talented, detailed oriented, knife maker, trapper, hunter, mechanic, and whatever else he sets his mind to.  When he handed me a gift bag yesterday, I was so in hope that I was getting one of the beautiful knives that he makes.  And I was not disappointed.

Pictures can not capture the beauty of my new knife.

 Ryan and his family joined Danny and I for our Christmas dinner at noon yesterday and then we went over to my mother's for soup last night.  Talk about feeling stuffed.
I tried to get some pictures.  But with this bunch, it is difficult at times.
My mother, Lizzy, with her great grandson, Wyatt.

Wyatt, my grandson, and myself.

Wyatt with his mother, Mandy...we have a terrible time getting Wyatt to pose for pictures.

I finally get Wyatt to behave  and sit for the picture and then mother decides to  jump in .

Still trying to get a good picture...Wyatt!

We continue trying to get a good picture of Ryan's family...this is not easy...Wyatt!

Wyatt, Mandy, and Ryan

Flexing...look at those muscles

My Macy Sue with my little brother, Phil.  

Trying to get a picture of Phil's family and this is what I get... Phil and Lacey lays a big kiss on Lynn.

Mother can't believe these onery kids.

I can't even get my mother to behave herself so I can get some family pictures.

We had a fun time,  I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family.
My daughters and their families couldn't be here for Christmas this year but I received pictures and talked to both on the phone.


  1. Beautiful photos and a lovely family. Glad you all had a wonderful day. Now you can kick back, put up your feet and relax! The day after Christmas is always my favorite day of the year!

  2. Sheri, I felt the need to walk off some of the food from yesterday and of course, I had to visit with my sheep.
    Hope you had a nice Christmas. Now that we can relax...we can get out the knitting and spinning and sit by the fire and enjoy ourselves....Enjoy!


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