Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Busy in the Studio

Life has slowed down some...lambs are growing and many are being sold soon.  I am also selling a few of my ewes so that I can get my life slowed down and I can enjoy working with the wool fiber again.  I started cleaning upstairs this last week and actually cut out a sheep coat...yes, I am going to put coats on a few of my sheep this winter before we start feeding hay. 

This is some of my finds from this summer.  The mittens and gloves are very old and I hope to make a pattern so I can make a new pair out of my own wool.

I have tried to establish different work areas in my studio.  I am blessed with so many toys.

Mice under construction!

I enjoy knitting with beads.  This is my collection of beads for knitting.  Eye candy!

I have come across a few knitting containers this summer after Angie made me the beautiful one that she gave me for a gift.

This is my painting and stamping table. 
I made a sheep coat for one of the sheep today...10-20 more to go...we will see.
I also plan to make a new sign for the front of the house...The Spinning C Fiber Farm...with a sheep on it and taking cues from the barns in Iowa, I think I will make the background like a big quilt block...probably one that is spinning....

I now have a new Cheviot Ram...Sammy is a cute guy and his girls will be the shetland girls.  I will get some pictures soon. 

We have chances for rain on Wednesday and the temps dropping.  Hopefully we will get a good soaking rain.


  1. What I wouldn't give to have a room for all my crafts... You are so lucky and I like how you have an area for all the different crafts you do. Those gloves are great, they'll really keep you warm in the winter!

  2. Good to see a post from you. LOVE your studio, all clean and fresh. Ready to be creative.


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