Sunday, November 13, 2011

Out Playing with the Sheep before Winter Sits In

Liam, my registered Bluefaced Leicester,  letting me know that he loves his pen of girls.  He has several ewes to breed. 

Last weekend we sorted the ewes that we kept and put them in with the rams.  We will be very busy lambing in 5 months if our three boys have anything to do with things.

Gerty, one of my favorite ewes.  She is out of Bonnie, an Oxford and White Knight, a Border Liecester.  Her wool is a dream.  I also kept her Spring lamb, Bonnie Baby.  I will breed her back to Liam because I really like Bonnie Baby's wool...we will see what next Spring brings.

My boy, Teddy!

White Knight and a few of his girls...and Big John.

Munching down on the hay.

My new Cheviot Ram, Sammy.  He is not a year old but I gave him a group of shetland ewes and some of my smaller ladies.

Sammy, the lady does not look happy.

Isn't Sammy cute?  He is a very well mannered guy that circles me all of the time.

This is also a little ewe lamb that I kept this year.  She is a love bug.  Her name is Lovey.


  1. Thought I'd posted a comment but it disappeared. Glad all is well. You should have some great lambs in the spring. Got our first snow yesterday while trying to fix the frost free hydrant down at the barn - brrr!


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