Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blessed with a Wonderful Family

Evan and Brandon are busy boys but Nana finally got them caught long enough to get a couple of squeezes.
Brandon, Mr. Excitement!  He is going to be 2 years old in November.  He has the sweetest expressions.  He seems to like having his picture taken.  I wish my camera could capture he  sweet gestures. 

Evan is growing and cutting teeth.  He is chattering, loves to give eskimo kisses.  I love his big cheesy smiles and my heart melts when he laughs out loud.

Life has been flying by since last March when we started lambing.  We feel like we  have been going a 100 miles an hour.   Well, last week end...with the grandchildren here, things didn't slow down much.  How could it with a pre teen granddaughter and 2 grandsons?

I feel so blessed...4 beautiful grandchildren, 3 children and my wonderful son and daughter in laws.  Danny  and I give praise to God daily for our many blessings. 

The girls and families arrived on Wed and Thurs and stayed until Sunday morning and all made it home safe and sound.  I plan to rest up this week and after work start cleaning on my upstairs studio and get out the old spinning wheel and spin some wool, maybe start a new pair of socks.

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  1. Happy Halloween Sarita! What beautiful grandkids. Enjoy your spinning and knitting I wish I had time but I'm still cleaning up and preparing for winter. Soon the ghost of summer past will be dealt with and I will be able to jump in. All the dyed fiber has been calling me.....


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