Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lazy Spinning C Day

The temp got up to 84 today, sun shining warm and an easy breeze and I am enjoying walking the pastures and seeing the cows and sheep in the Spinning C pastures.  I found several cows in the west pond and the sheep laying in the shade under the trees at the south end of the hay pasture.

Cows getting in the pond.

Socks and lambs don't want to waste eating time to lay in the shade.

Teddy and lamb in the shade, watching me to see if I was going to call the flock in for some grain.  

Leicester/Shetland Ewe with her twins.  The lambs have really been growing.  They are almost as big as their mother.

Dolly's girl and lambs...just keeping track of the lady with the camera.

Danny is rebuilding old Johnnie.  He drove this tractor when he was a little boy. 

Pears are getting ripe.  We have eaten a few and they are so sweet!

Most of the sheep are lying under  the trees in the shade for a mild late summer afternoon.  101 sheep are in this pasture at this time.

I am going to decrease my flock.  If anyone is interested in replacement ewes, give me a call or email me.  Most are 1/2 Leicester or BFL.  I also will be selling some shetland ewes. 
We had a very good lambing year.  We did not lose a lamb at birthing this last spring.  I plan to travel  more next summer and as I get older...I will be slowing down.  I plan to keep 10-15 ewes and John and Teddy.  I will also keep White Knight and Liam.
My phone number is 660-689-3073 or email me at

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