Sunday, August 28, 2011

Visits to Michigan and Nebraska to see the grandchildren

Our youngest grandson, Evan is growing fast.  We made 3 trips to Michigan and 1 trip to Nebraska this summer to visit our daughters and our grandchildren.

bath time!

Brandon is a go getter.    He keeps everyone laughing. 

Lexi is growing up too.  She is now a teenager and a great big sister!

Evan smiling while Papa holds him.

While we were out traveling, Wyatt was competing at the Missouri Show Me Games.  He won a gold and a silver in dicus throwing and shot put throwing.  He also works at the Trenton Aquatic Center as a life guard and staff during the summer. 

We had a fun time seeing the grandchildren.  We plan to sell down our flock of sheep and travel even more next summer.
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  1. How wonderful to be able to travel all over for sheer delight. Evan is growing so big, so cute! They are all lovely. Glad you had a nice summer.


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