Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wish I was there

Angie went to the Michigan Fiber Festival today.  I wish I could have been there...Ang and Evan sent pictures and kept me updated on their purchases.

Angie was very impressed with this needle felted painting.  I have a feeling that Angie will be getting out her felting needles again...heaven knows we have lots of fiber to felt.

I am sorry that I  don't know who the vender was but doesn't this picture make you want to be there....fingers itching to touch all the equipment and fiber?

This is Carol's from Columbia Mo.  I have a small and large triangle loom and this makes me want to start some new projects.  I just finished knitting a triangle shawl for Angie from our wool.

Ang said this basket had been knitted with very large yarn. 

Rug hooking anyone?

Evan is resting...but he now knows that he does not like to be in crowded buildings.  Ang did not get to go into the booths because the stroller was too large and Evan became afraid when in the crowd.  Next year, Ang and I will go to the Mi Fiber Festival together and we will take turns taking care of Evan.

I do not know the fiber artist's name but Ang visited with her and she has written a book and is working on another one and this rabbit will be in it.  Angie was very impressed.

Ang called me and asked me if I knew what a Lucet, not off the top of my head...well, I got you one!  Then she sent this picture and I watched a few youtube videos on making cords with a lucet....she also got me the book....whoppeee....Christmas fiber toys!

And she got me a basket for Christmas too.  I saw these baskets at Edel Iowa last year and have been kicking myself for not buying one....Angie purchased one for both her and me.

Evan was ready to leave and a storm was blowing in so Ang had to leave after just a few hours. 
I couldn't be there this year but thanks to Angie, I got a small taste of her experience.

I am hoping to go to the Wisconsin Fiber show in Sept...if all works out.


  1. I wish you could have been there too! I feel bad that I wasn't able to get more pictures and info for you, but we've always got next year. Thank you for drawing the festival to my attention Mom. My mouth was watering most of the time. Love ya!

  2. Good to see from you again my old friend. You have been lost in my shuffle of blogs. Ran out of picture room and had to begin a new blog. Actually two. One for my sewing/smocking and one for everyday stuff. That fiber show looks fantastic. I haven't been to one in many years. Wish they were in the winter when I have more time.We have been busy. Hot summer and many rainy days. Working on second cut. Wheat and straw are in ( finally). Had some wicked storms and some barn fires in the area. I have not had the joy of enjoying summer yet. Marlyn


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