Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mother Nature is Messing with me again!

I want to apologize for my poor posting since lambing and calving season.   I was working at the school, lambing out the ewes, calving, treating one of my cows for mastitis and Ang had Evan...life has been so hectic for us.
We also made a trip to Michigan for a week.  I started washing wool again after we got home.  I purchased a pattern and the beads to make a very pretty scarf while in Michigan.  I plan to spin some very soft and thin yarn to dye for this scarf....I also plan to get more fleeces ready to sell.

Last Friday night about 3 am, I was woke up by Sadie and Lady barking, I jumped up and ran to the door and heard a lamb baaing and it was being taken across the road and into the hay field by a predator, coyote probably.  I was so upset, got in the pickup, hoping to catch the thief and kill it but could never see it in the very tall grasses.  This lamb was taken from a pen just across the driveway right in front of our house.  I make the sheep stay in the barn during the night and won't let them out into the big field.  I am so upset!  I love nature and animals but I will repeat myself...the government owns millions of acres of land...if you want to see these mean critters...go to the parks that should have big tall fences to keep them in.  I have not got a good night sleep since this incident.  I have the guns loaded, my son came over and set some snares to help me catch the thief.  I feel so voilated.  
Then night before last, Mother Nature hit again.  I woke up to rain, wind, and hail hitting the house and then I heard a roar like a train, I woke Danny up, and turned on the weather radio..we could see the trees laying way over in the wind and temp dropped to 62 degrees.  We knew when it got daylight that we would find damage. 

Tree in the NW corner of the yard blew over, falling across part of the garden and got most of my tomato plants.

tore off shingles on our roof

laid over the sweet corn

We had so many friends, family and neighbor's home in a very wide area that had damage from this same storm.  We have heard that our neighbors in Winigan had lots of damage.  My family that lives at Purdin told me that Purdin looked like a war zone.    We have been praying for all the victims of storms, floods, and fires and feel very blessed that we did not loose more.  What a year!


  1. Sarita, I am so glad that you were all right. The weather sure has been strange this year. I checked in here as you haven't posted on MJF for awhile. Know you are missed.

  2. The weather has been nuts here too. Finally was are having warm haying weather after weeks of rain. The wind storm here tore out whole barns in the area. We were fine. I have sad news. We sold all our sheep! Financially we had to do something. the sheep were a hobbie the cows are the livelihood. Life goes on.


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