Sunday, August 28, 2011

Football season opener with South Shelby Friday night

We love to watch our grandson, Wyatt, play football.   Football is a rough sport and it requires much  training and days of conditioning and hours in the weight room.  Wyatt works very hard and loves the sport.  Here he is number 58 in the black and gold uniform.

.  He hurt his hip in the very begining of the game but he continued to play injured for most of the first half.  We all knew he was hurting and was limping but we also knew that he wanted to play.  It hurt to watch him standing on the sideline.

We can see the pain on his face during a timeout

I always enjoy the band and the ceremony at the opening of the game.

Warming up.

Wyatt went to the doctor Saturday morning and will go back on Monday to his regular doctor.  We are praying that his hip will heal quickly and that he can get back to playing football soon. 

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