Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lambs Everywhere

Danny feeding Barney, our bottle lamb.

Barney jumping up on Danny!

China is so ready to have her babies!

Speckles and her baby taking a break together

Birdie and her little ewe lamb.  The oldest lambs are growing so fast.

Barney with his substitute mother, Sadie.

Barney backed up like he was going to butt Lady but decided he was a lover, not a fighter.

The black lamb is our oldest and her wool is soft as silk.

Sach was too big for his Mom to have him without help.  He is a nice big boy.

Miss Wide Track is an easy keeper and she had twins too.

We are down to 5 ewes to lamb and we have 49 babies so far.  The clock is set for 2 AM and then again at 4AM.  This old sheppard is growing weary but we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  One ewe had twins in the night last night and I just helped my Queenie to have a ewe lamb.
I plan to shear the flock this fall before selling the lambs....we should have lots of nice wool to sell.
If you are interested in buying ewe lambs or pet wethers for fiber pets, email me at


  1. Oh my goodness !! Look at all the sweetness roaming your place. I love the pictures so much and especially touched by the pics of Barney and Sadie. How sweet is that ? ! lol !! I would imagine you are so tired but what blessings are coming into your world !!! Thank you for sharing !!

  2. They are adorable. Good photo's. Your grass is so much greener then our. i had the flock out in the yard two days ago eating the grass over the septic system but other then that we are still very brown. More like early April then May. And lots of rain!

  3. Nice looking lambs Sarita! We had a pretty light year with only 15 lambs total. How did Liam do for you? Teddy (his brother) did pretty well, I got 7 lambs from him!

    Those pics of Barney with Lady are priceless!

  4. Oh my word! I am in love with all of them! Just breathtaking pictures! Have you gotten any sleep yet? Al my best wishes to you and the flock! God Bless.

  5. hi
    they are so sweet. great photos.i like the photos with barney and lady!!!
    greetings from germany,


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