Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Delivered last lamb last night....2011 lambing is over!

China was the last ewe to lamb, she looked like she had 3 in her.  I have been watching her for 3 weeks, thinking that she would lamb any day.  Last night she was pawing the ground, up and down at sunset so I pulled up my bucket and sat with her out in the barn lot.  I shut the other babies and ewes out of that lot.  The sun went down, the coyotes howled, the birds chirped and the frogs in the nearby pond serenaded me.  At about 11, I started to help China to get this giant ram lamb out.  Both feet and the large nose were all

It was very hot yesterday...we went from a cool Spring right into Summer.  The winds were blowing softly and the air cooled down as the sun set so I just relaxed and gave my thanks to God for all the miracles around me.  God blessed us with 55 lambs and no deaths of lambs or ewes during the birthing season, this only happens with the Grace of God. 


  1. Oh Mom, I 'm so glad lambing is over for you. Now, just sit back and enjoy those adorable lambs. I'm so thankful there were no deaths this year! Thank you Lord! By the way, I love all of those lammy pictures! Keep em comin!

  2. Amen is right. Now get some sleep! Good to hear from you.

  3. Sarita, sounds like you had a great season. We lost two, but still have 11 new lambs. Not too bad for our first year! I hate that we lost any, but we really learned an awful lot.
    I'm relieved that we are finished for the year...and I'm sure you are too.


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