Sunday, May 29, 2011

School is Out and Grandchildren visit

I finished up at school on Friday about 11:15 and soon after I arrived at home, Lisa and her children arrived.
I had no more than carried in my school things...had not even got them put away  and the whirlwind of a wonderful visit with my grandchildren started.
Brandon and Lexi have changed so much since we last saw them.  Brandon is on the go constantly and he can climb!  Lexi has always kept us on our toes.

Brandon posing for Nana.

Brandon thinks Nana has a camera in front of her face all the time, he will do the same.

Miss Lexi when she first got here.

Lexi trying to get out of getting her picture taken again.
Their visit was so short.  They got here Friday and left Sunday morning but mom has to go to work Tuesday morning and needs to rest up.

We had so many laughs together.  Both of the kids kept us entertained...
I am competely worn out and my old joints are hurting today but I would not have given up this wonderful visit for anything.
God has blessed us so much and I give him praise for all my wonderful children and grandchildren.
We will soon be leaving for Michigan to visit our baby Evan for the first time...ooooohhhh life is good!

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