Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Spinning C Fiber Mercantile

China  BFL/Shetland
Spring is coming!  You want to know how I know this???  I know it is February, the days are getting longer, we are preparing for lambing season, and fiber people have started calling and emailing me wanting to reserve a fleece when we shear in March.
The old customers are asking for fleeces from certain sheep and new customers are asking what our wool looks like, what breeds we have, and availability.  I have these pictures that I took last fall so the wool is a little longer but it will give you some idea of what our wool looks like.
We will have several fleeces like the ewe above.  Their mothers are registered shetlands and their Dad is White Knight, a white Bluefaced Leicester.    BFL/Shetland

We also have several ewes like the one above.  BFL/polypay...I really like this wool to make a nice warm wool sock.

More BFL/shetland crosses


Socks     Corriedale/shetland

Gerty, my big girl, she is a sweety and I love her wool   BFL/Oxford Cross

This is a close up of a BFL/shetland cross

Pictures taken this morning while feeding

BFL/Polypay cross 
Feeding the Ewes
BFL/ Corriedale cross
Birdie and Gerty, Twins   BFL/Oxford Cross  I like the wool so much from this cross that we are developing our breeding lines.  They also are very sweet and gentle girls that love attention from ME!
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  1. Ahh the fleece do look wonderful. I hope our crop look just as lovely! I know what you mean about the Spring being near. Lambing supply lists make the spring all the more tangible!

  2. Hi! I had to follow you because I fell in love with that
    FRECKLE FACED BFL/Oxford Cross;-)
    this is a nice place to visit!
    Looking forward to visiting again!
    Blessings Linnie

  3. I want to come dig my fingers into their fleece! They all look so wonderful!


  4. Tip toe through the fleeces (instead of tulips?) sure sign of spring nearing. What wonderful fleeces. I'm looking forward to a new bunch with this years shearing too...Yea spring!!!


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