Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing in My Studio...At the Spinning C Fiber Mercantile

My Spindle collection

The temperatures have been in the 40s-50s, cloudy but mild with a little breeze blowing and I have been going strong all weekend cleaning, washing wool, choring, cleaning on the yard, cleaning up my hay mess, cleaning house, laundry, and I finally gave myself my a reward...I got to go up to my studio and play this afternoon.  Doesn't that sound good?  The only thing is....I have so much wool that I have washed and planned to get to...but have not and I can't work in a clutter!  I have put back a few fleeces for myself to spin and felt....the spare bedroom is studio has wool on all the shelves, in the closet...IT IS TIME TO CLEAN MY STUDIO!  It will soon be time to shear and I will have 40 more fleeces to deal with.

I have this clothes hamper running over with hot pink, iris, and some navy dyed wool probably a couple of pounds.  This is BFL/Shetland.   If anyone is me...I will sell this dyed wool for $20 plus shipping.

#4 fleece,  I washed this fleece yesterday.  It is a beautiful Corriedale/BFL fleece.  It has some vm.   I will sell it for $30 plus shipping.  It is ready to card and spin or dye.  Really a nice wool!


 The carder is out and ready to blend soy silk in with alpaca and a very soft Spinning C lamb fiber.  I love to blend fibers!  and did I tell you that I love color...muted, bright, pastel, primary, and white...all of them!

This is three of the heavier yarn that I had spun.  I am going to make another felted bag from a Noni pattern. 

 White Knight's Fleece for Sale  BFL  SOLD

5-6 inch locks of WK's fleece.

I had this fleece held back for myself.  I have several fleeces in the milkroom of the barn and I need to get it cleaned out and get ready for this Springs clip.  I will sell WK's fleece.  I washed this fleece Saturday.  It does have some yellowed wool in this basket and some vm, it is a beautiful fleece.  It is a nice big fleece.  I have not weighed it yet but would guess it to be over 3 lbs.  I do not like to pay postage on dirt and oil so I washed it in very hot water over 180 degrees with dawn detergent and rinsed. 

WK's wool has a luster.

More pictures of the polypay/BFL lamb's fleece


Locks of the polypay/BFL lamb's fleece.  Washed this weekend.  Very soft and fine, lots of crimp.


  1. Bleh....I posted this on twitter and Ravelry. I'm on a fiber diet :( Still waiting for stuff to come back from the mill or you'd have me hook line and sinker :)

  2. Next time, can I come play? :) We are shearing in couple of weeks and I am in the same position as you - looking at all the fleece from last year I have yet to work up!

  3. All lovely. I am knitting the wool you shipped me earlier this month. One mitt is completed. Nice and warm. If I get the other done I will still be able to get use of them this year!!

  4. Very nice spindles! I found mine and got it fixed. Now I need to get some wool washed and combed so I can practice spinning. I thought I had some roving left, but it looks like I already spun most of it way back when!

  5. Brenda, you can see that I have plenty of spindles...don't hardly use them anymore...I like the wheel best.
    Maryln, do you have your mittens finished? I want pictures when you get them done.
    Lori, you are welcome to come and play with my fiber anytime. I am feeling over whelmed right now with the excess fiber, lambing right around the corner, Ang's baby coming, my mom sick, shearing, and not enough time to visit with all my fiber friends.
    Shespins...I want to visit with you more about your processor, your sheep, and your knitting.
    I will come out of this fog soon and can't wait to see your babies and fiber.
    God bless all


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