Friday, February 11, 2011

Quite Friday Night at Home Felting and watching videos

Last weekend I started a new knitting bag.  I wanted a carpet bag type knitting bag.  The problem was I decided to add in the checker board pattern and the purse drew in this area.  Not what I wanted to happen but I will use the bag no matter what.
I mixed up a denim color dye and dyed two skeins of my new heavier weight yarn from our sheep.   The knitting went fast.

I knitted each petal separate and the center of the large red flower is crocheted separately too.  I knitted on the trim every night this week.

This is the carpet bag after I put the handles on.

I watched Rita Buchanan's videos on my laptop  while I stitched on the trim of the purse.  I would recommend this set of dvds to everyone. 

I down loaded this emag during the blizzard last week.  I have not tried any of the socks yet.

I also downloaded this emag last week and I am very impressed.  Video, interviews, nice pictures and all in beautiful color.

This week has been a trying week.  I am very tired but working on the purse while watching Rita Buchanan on the lap top and listening to her and the lovely music has been very relaxing and educational.  

I am thrilled with my new yarn from my flock.  It grabbed the dyes quickly and felts easily.  It knits up easily.  I am thinking of sending more fleeces to be processed so I can sell yarn.  I will also be selling fleeces. 


  1. You are one busy lady! Do you ever rest?
    The bag looks adorable. Great job. And I really like the denim color.
    Have a good one.

  2. Brenda, I think the older I get the more I realize that I have less time to get things done that I want to do.
    What I need to do is clean out the barns and rearrange lambing jugs. I brought all the sheep and feeders in the barn during the blizzard and now it has to be cleaned out, new straw put down in the lambing jugs.
    Are you working on any projects now?

  3. Sarita, right now I am knitting a scarf/head band/fingerless mitten set with some Peruvian wool I bought awhile back.
    Next week I'm going to work on getting my upstairs back in order so I can get back to crafting up there. With the promise of warmer weather, I am re-working my daily schedule to get outside with my dogs and horse more, plus do more of my crafting.
    I have one closet left to clean out...I figure it HAS to be where my drop spindle is hiding! If I find it, I want to work on spinning some of my wool. I think I have come up with a plan to start working up some of my wool...I'll be blogging about it, for sure!

  4. Brenda, I have missed reading your blog...I have been trying to get some information about the Spring fling Spin in but can't find a thing. It usually happens in March.

  5. I think your purse is lovely. I like the colours. You will get use out of it. remember retirement is coming!!!If we don't tire out first!

  6. Marlyn, yes I will use it to carry my knitting and I shall call it my Mary Poppin's bag. Hehe...I will try to forgive myself messing it up when I had a creative moment and altered the pattern with a checker board I shall put that screw up behind me and carry it proudly..just part of the design you know and I will try to remember that things go down better with a spoonful of sugar. I have felted several hats and purses and most come out nice but some don't...oh, well I enjoy the process. Are you worn out yet?

  7. I love how your purse turned out. The flower is just the perfect little touch.


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