Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday 59

I wish you could all be here to enjoy my coconut Birthday cake and a cup of tea or hot coffee.

Thank you for the many birthday wishes.   It has been a delightful day.  I had the stomach bug yesterday and woke up feeling much better today. (No school due to snow...but I am pretending they called off school for my BD!)   We fed the sheep and cows hay.  Gave love an attention to our big dogs. 
I had a piece of BD cake with a cup of hot coffee for Breakfast...hey, I am 59 today!

Danny purchased a big coconut cake (my favorite) at Sam's on Wednesday when we went to Columbia for his doctor's visit.
We had another snow last night and no school today.  I don't think we got as much as other nearby areas. 

59 years ago, we had a heavy ice.  I was born at home and Dr. Pain drove from Mendon to Purdin to deliver me at home.  I weighed a little over 11 lbs  3 or 4 days after I was born.  Dr. Pain didn't have his scale with him when I was born.  So he weighed me when he came back.  Mother didn't come into her milk for almost 2 weeks so Grandma Cooper stayed with us and she made me sweet Lipton Tea and I still drink hot strong sweet Lipton tea.

Pull up a chair, let me pour you something hot to drink and do you want a dip of ice cream with your cake? 
I am so glad that I know my Lord and Saviour, I am blessed and life is good for me.  I listen to the news and hear all the unrest, the violence in this world and the greedy demanding more.  Times continue to change just like they have for over my 59 years.  
Thank you again for making my day special!


  1. Wishing you a very, very happy Birthday! May all your dreams for the next year come true!

  2. Sarita you are too much! Dr. Pain?

    Happy Birthday----Love, love, love the china plate and the cake looks luscious!

    We must be kindred spirits-I have been drinking Lipton hot and iced since I could sit at the big table-LOL!

  3. All the best my dear friend. Remember it is only a number!You look remarkably well for that number.

  4. happy Borthday Sarita !! So right 59 is just a #. It's how you feel and who you are that makes you young at heart !!

  5. A big thank you to everyone that has emailed me, left comments, or sent me a message on facebook.
    Melody, really, the doctor that delivered me was Dr. Pain. In fact, I was named after his daughter that had passed away as a little girl...that is where Mom got the name Sarita.
    God Bless each of you


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