Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day After the Blizzard of February 1st of 2011

I took this picture at 5:38 pm yesterday evening from my front door.  The winds were howling and the snow was coming down sideways.  We were so thankful to be in our cozy little farmhouse, safe and warm.  Animals in the barn, well fed.

 Another picture from my front door this morning.  The sun is shining!   Danny had shoveled the sidewalk earlier but the winds are still blowing (but not as hard as last night) and the snow has blown back into the walkway.  I can not tell you how relieved we are, we didn't lose electricity, I don't think we got the 20 inches of snow they predicted but who can measure with all the drifting.  We are very blessed.  The sun is shining, we still have power, and everyone is OK. 
This drift is over waist deep.  Time to shovel out.  We will continue to pray for others that are facing more problems than we did.  This mass blizzard has effected so many people.  We watched the TV and would see cars and people out in the blowing snow, the slick roads, and the ice.  We wondered if they had to get to home to a loved one, did their job require them to be there, what was their story? 

HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!!!  The groundhog did not see his shadow this morning!  We will have an early Spring!  I think I will get out the garden seed and draw a diagram of our planting plans.  I am so ready for Spring!  What will the rest of this month bring?  How about March and April?  We will start lambing over 40 ewes in the middle of March.  Sure happy that I was not treking back and forth to the barn during this storm...
We pray that all our friends and family are safe, warm, and healthy and are weathering the storm without problems...we will continue to watch the broadcast of the happenings of the North and East...please stay safe!


  1. ISn't amazing how for some of us time sort of stood still yesterday during the blizzard. I am snowed in at daughters near KC. Not such a bad place to be but so worried about my farm. I just got word all is well and the sun is shining at home too. Praying tomorrow they can get me back home safely. Missing home. So thankful you kept power. That is always something I fear at home. Now to pray for all those that had to get out... our highway and county road crews, Hospital staff,so many more and even my son and DIL at her motel ! Stay warm and dry as you can ! Hugs... KRisty

  2. Kristy, I am glad that your daughter got you close during the storm...I also know that there is no place like home.
    Hope you can go home safely real soon.


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