Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Digging Out

Yesterday we hunkered down in the house after the snow started to blow.  We watched the news and the weather channel on TV, listened to our weather radio, and looked out of the window occasionally to see if the predictions were correct.  I got busy in the kitchen preparing a warm meal of chicken noodle soup, baked sugar cookies, and made 3 pots of hot tea to sip.  I knitted on stuffed mittens and the pink and gray pair is just about done.  I also downloaded a new emag about fiber, knitting and spinning that said it would take 20minutes which took over 2 hrs.  It is really good and has videos that I can watch and interviews of other knitting and spinning ladies.

This morning after breakfast I decided I would go to the barn to feed the sheep and check them out.  I had to go around the long way due to the drifted snow.  In places the ground is bare and other places the drifts are hip deep on me.
Danny bundled up and bravely came down the bank in front of the house in the drift carrying his snow shovel. 

The driveway is piled high out to the machine shed.

Danny and I dug out the drift behind the pickup, it was waist deep and now we have to get the driveway cleaned out.  We can't even open the door to the machine shed to get to the big tractor out so we just came back into the house...

Mr Gray was complaining to me that the barn is not air tight and it snowed on the hay that I had moved inside.  I have never seen snow on the inside of our old barn, it blew the snow through the little cracks.  I  have spent many snowy night and days in this old barn waiting on a cow or ewe to have her baby or taking care of a sick animal and I have never seen the snow come in like this...the winds were wicked last night.

They just called and school has been called off again tomorrow.  That is Ok with me.  The Highway department has not been down the road in front of the house yet and no traffic has gone up or down it except for an occasional tractor.  They probably are still cleaning out the main highways.  The temps will be below O in the morning.
We can dig out more tomorrow!


  1. Wow. Think of all the calories you will burn digging out! Come on sunshine!


  2. Lori, I have the calories to burn after sitting in the house, eating sugar cookies, and sipping hot strong sweet tea...but I am for the sun warming things up and melting this stuff away. If the temps stay this cold, we are looking at May 1st for the last flake to melt away.

  3. Oh my ! I am anxious to get home to see if my old barn is still standing ! Be safe and stay warm !

  4. I know I posted on here last night...don't know where it went!
    Anyway, your place looks a lot like ours! The snow is so pretty. And wasn't the sunshine gorgeous yesterday? It's supposed to be sunny again today...and looks like we can expect a bit of a warm up the rest of the week...I hope!


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