Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard of February 1 2011

Danny and I were up at 5 AM to be sure all the animals were cared for before the predicted blizzard arrives.  Danny built a fire in his wood stove in the wood shop and packed in extra wood.  Just as we were finishing, the snow began to blow.  I stepped out the front door to take a picture at 10:04 am.  Visibility is already reduced to less than an eighth of a mile.   It almost looks like 5 pm when it starts to get dark during the winter.  The flakes are small and it is 17 degrees with the wind blowing some. 

I made Danny and I some sugar cookies and a pot of hot strong sweet tea to warm our cold bodies.  We sat and listened to the weather radio and know that this is just the start to a very blustery day.  I can't remember when  or if I have ever heard the National Weather predict a blizzard for our area.  We have had some heavy snows but they never referred to them as blizzard.

I have some unfinished knitting projects to finish.  I had spun some 2 ply yarn from John's wool to make Lexi a pair of stuffed mittens.  I started these last year...time to finish them.  I just need to finish the finger tips and then knit the thumb and sew them up.  I am using lamb's wool for the stuffing.  These mittens are so simple and so warm to wear.

I couldn't wait any longer, I wound a couple of the newly dyed skeins to see how it will knit up.  I am making myself a pair of stuffed mittens to match my new scarf.  I am stuffing them with dyed red Sweet Betty Lou fiber.  The new yarn that I just got back from the processor grabs the color and knits up nicely. 


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  1. I love the reddish mitts.
    The snow has hit here today. The winds are unbelievable strong from the east, which always brings terrible weather. I can't see the barn from the kitchen the snow is so intense and blowing. The barn is latched down. No escapees!The dogs have gone missing though. Sure they are in the hay loft. The cats are in the house. Dearest didn't even try to drive to work. The world here is at a standstill.


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