Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beautiful New Knitting Caddy, A work of Art

Look at the beautiful knitting caddy that Angie sent me for my birthday.  She not only sent it but she made it!  It is so beautiful and it is the perfect gift for an old knitter.  She knows what makes me happy!
I am trying to convince Ang to sell these beautiful caddies. 

This is the top of the box. 

I stayed up late last night.  I got out baskets of fiber...the closet, the bedroom, and under my work area...
I listed fiber for sale last week and I was swapped with emails wanting fiber.  The fleeces that I had listed went very fast and I received many requests for fiber.  I decided that I could part with some of the fiber that I had set back for my own persoanl stash but which fleeces can I let go?
I have not made a decision yet...Will I part with China's fleece?  How about Isabel's?  What about the partial fleeces that I have?  A few spinners did not want a full fleece, just a pound or two, that's OK, I will just put the part that did not sell in my stash and spin it up later to make socks or a scarf or a new vest now I think I will ask the spinner's if they are interested. 
I also washed another fleece last night that I had stored in the wool room in the barn.  It is a BFL/shetland cross.  A beautiful long wool. 
I also found Molly's fleece.  She is a polypay sheep.  The last issue of the Spin Off Magazine had an article about polypay fleece.  I personally love to work with polypay and the socks and scarves out of polypay are so warm and nice.  I have not washed her fleece from last year yet but it is on my list.

On a Wild hair, Danny and I got out in the cold misty foggy weather  and cut across the country on old hilly and curvy old blacktop roads to get to the Amish country store about 25 miles from here.  Danny was reading the shopper this morning and saw that the store had a new batch of molasses ...he loves molasses on biscuits with butter. 
 The Amish store owners are building onto their store.  It is going to be very nice when they are done. They have some very nice items for the kitchen on their shelves as well as selling foods  in the bulk.  We have been talking about buying in larger quanities so we will make less town trips with the cost of gas and food going up. I have to get some new air tight storage containers for sugar and flour and rice.   We are also hoping to have a good garden this year to stock our shelves again.  We have ordered garden seeds and part of our order is here.  We love Tendertreat sweet corn and can not find it locally so Danny ordered 2 lbs for the garden...for the next 2 years.  I am ready to start gardening and seeding the pastures! 


  1. What a beautiful knitting caddy, a thoughtful gift. Happy Belated Birthday, glad it was a nice one. Oh my, more fleece, sigh. I would love a shetland cross or a polypay. Never heard of the poly. Looking forward to seeing them.

    Mary Anne

  2. Lovely gift, Sarita. Angie is very talented. She definately should sell these!
    Great deal selling all your fleeces. I'll get there one of these days! LOL!
    I go to the Amish stores down in Jamesport once in awhile. I like buying my spices and herbs there. I also bought a big jug of raw honey last summer and I still have plenty left. I need to find a place closer though...Jamesport is an hour away and gas is terribly high. I may have to resort to mail-ordering bulk food myself.
    So happy you had a nice birthday.

  3. I just love the caddy, I need to get it loaded with a knitting project. Angie is very creative and comes up with some very neat projects.

    Brenda, I go over to Jamesport once a year to get my spices and some bulk items. Over an hour away. The store at Laplata is not as nice but it is getting there. It is tiny and kinda cluttered but with the extra space and the new items that they are handling, it is going to be nice. What type of containers are you going to use to store flour and sugar, rice? Air tight is a must.
    Birthday is over, woke up with a sore throat and feel like I am coming down with a chest cold. My studio cleaning has come to a stand still.

  4. Sarita, when we build our new addition and I have my new kitchen and pantry, I plan to get a grain mill and start milling my own flours...the grain will be stored in big buckets that seal tight. The flour will be milled as-needed and the excess kept in the fridge or freezer.
    Right now I keep my different flours in Ice cream buckets in the fridge. My sugars and other things I keep in theis big jars I got in Italy...they have locl down lids with rubber giant old-fashioned canning jars, but square instead of round. I have all different sizes and they are so handy.

  5. Love the Knitting Caddy...Beautiful!!!
    What a beautiful gift.


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