Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

The first day of 2011 came in with the winds howling and the temps dipping down to 9 degrees this morning and when you factor in the windchill I think it was -2.   I rushed around to get the outside chores done this morning  (this cold weather makes the animals want to eat more so they can stay warm) and then I tackled washing and ironing the laundry.  I cleaned the kitchen and bedroom today.  Saturday is my usual cleaning day but today I wanted to play with my crafting. 
Christmas Day my mother said that she had found some of her old patterns and I saw a little church mouse pattern but there was no instructions and the pattern was very fragile and brown.   For some reason, I wanted to make this little  mouse...and of course I needed to tie in one of my blue fruit jars and buttons.   This is my first mouse and I plan to make more but I will make changes and develop my pattern better.  I thought this little plain guy came out really cute.  I may need to make the next one some clothes.

May the Lord bless your family and home this new year.


  1. Oh my goodness !! She/he is so adorable. What fun to find the old patterns and create this little mouse. Clothes on the next one.. Oh I could see a whole...uhh..what would they call them? Nest, . of these little mice. I too love my blue jars. I use them for so many things.
    I woke up to 9 degrees with our Kansas winds. I just don't look at the wind chill anymore ! I also woke to a frozen rural water main. Fun, fun. Oh well, they came and fixed it and I am counting my blessings..

  2. Kristy, did you get snow as well? So glad they got that water main fixed. Many years ago one side of a small town we lived in the water main froze up and they hauled water to us in milk cans for weeks. That was awful!
    I think I will tweak and make my stitches neater next time on the mouse, I was going for the older look and just trying to get him together. I might end up with a whole bunch before I get it perfected.

  3. The mouse is really cute. I don't know but I like him the way he is. Imperfection is perfect sometimes. We have had rain and lots of fog up here the last two days but old man winter is back now. Snow and cold temperatures, but not as cold as you.I'll take our balmy weather over your cold any day.
    Cheers from Canada!!!

  4. The mouse is so cute!! You did a great job!! I hope you are staying warm! It's still very cold here!!!

  5. You are so talented! Cute as can be!

  6. That is absolutely darling Sarita! You could really come up with some cute outfits I'm sure!

    Happy New Year to you!


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