Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Playing in the Wool

After choring yesterday morning and admiring the wool fleeces on some of my sheep, I decided that I wanted to play in the wool. 

I had dyed this roving earlier and split it up and rolled each strip into balls.  I wanted a chunky yarn out of this ewe's wool for mittens and a scarf.  Please note that I muted my colors for this batch.

I drum carded this lamb's wool and it feels like silk.  I folded a piece of card stock and folded it around the tip to protect.

I continue to gently roll the wool around the card stock.

This is what my carded wool looks like before I stack each section.

I will put each card in a sack to protect until I am ready to spin it.  This soft wool will be spun into a sports weight yarn and then I will dye after I have spun it...I want to keep the air in the wool to make spinning easier.  When the wool is loosely packed on the cardboard or card stock, it spins like a dream.  I prefer to spin before dyeing for this reason.  Dyed rovings sometimes has to be pulled and fluffed more before spinning due to the dying process. 

I found this dyed roving while I was going through my stash, I think this was intended to be socks.
I have plenty to do...more wool to card, spin, dye, and knit...oh what a terrible perdictment.  What shall I do????


  1. Very pretty Mom! I love the muted colors!

  2. Ang,this yarn is very soft. I used my notorious bright colors and then mixed up a light brown dye and over dyed. I think it will look great as a hat, scarf, and mitten set.
    Marlyn, you are right and I did. I have been spinning and knitting like a mad woman the last couple days. Is the storm from the west going to hit you? We are in the 50s, cloudy, windy and misting this morning but tomorrow temps are suppose to drop to the 20s. They aren't giving us much rain or snow.

  3. Love the colorway - I like the tones with just enought brightness to catch the eye but not too much to have to put the sunglasses on. Great Job!

  4. So very pretty! I even like the brights, too!

  5. I love the rainbow roving. It is beautiful! Has been cold here too, on the WA coast. Our lowest has been 22, which is cold for here.

  6. Your roving is so so pretty!! I just got a spinning wheel for Christmas and now I'm trying to learn how to spin and dye my own yarns. I'm sure I can learn a lot from you and I'm glad I found your blog.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by Anke. I will stop by your blog and watch your process. I will also try some of your recipes. Good luck with your spinning.


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